Genesis Casino

Today we will have a look at the well known Genesis Casino, because this place offers some really good slots for all the people who just love to have a good experience playing slots.

Most of the people who have some experience with online casinos would agree that Genesis Casino have probably the best slots system at this moment. The casino is giving you some good welcome gift if you decide to sign up. $1000 bonus and 300 free spins could be yours, so what are you waiting for?

As you can expect, the majority of the games you can play in Genesis Casino are slots. More than 700 slots are there to choose from, so even if you’re picky, you can still find the best ones for you. This includes really popular slots as Thunderstruck and Mega Moolah. Another very popular slot you can find there is Space Wars, so as you can see – there are different slots for different tastes.

If we look at the entire library of games in the casino, we can say that its total amount is more than 1300. It’s much more than the regular online casinos are offering. And surely this is one of the things which make Genesis Casino pretty special.

If you prefer table games more than slots, you can consider yourself covered. Once again, Genesis Casino is providing you with a rich choice of table games to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you prefer roulette or card games, you can find everything there.

One thing we really like about Genesis Casino is the useful function of saving your favorite games to your own account. How we said, Genesis Casino have a catalogue of more than one thousand games, so we advice you to use this function on a regular basis. It’d be pretty irritating if you really like a certain game, but you don’t save it and next time you have to search for it once again.

We live in a dynamic era, so it’s a must for every online casino to support the function of live gaming. And Genesis Casino is not an exception. The casino offers different lobbies, where you can do everything you want to – have a spin, play a black jack or maybe have some roulette. It depends on your own choice.

But what about betting limits? When you open a certain game in the casino, you can see the betting limit for it on your screen. This is pretty useful, so it won’t take long for you to get used to the casino’s policy of putting low or high limits.

In the end of our review, we shall say a few words about the website’s design. It’s really beautiful. It has a gorgeous purple all around it. The main theme of the website is the space, so you will find yourself into a beautiful galaxy of stars and planets. We understand that this is not the most important thing for a casino, but it does help you to feel good there.