Three good bingo strategies to start the game with

Three good bingo strategies to start the game with

Three good bingo strategies to start the game with

Bingo is a pretty famous game in the world of gambling. Many consider it to be some kind of a “family game” as well. Today in our how to win at the casino every time guide, we will talk about the excellent game of bingo with you. Stay with us.


We can say that bingo’s rules are pretty simple. The game is centered around a scorecard and the so called “caller”. The goal of the game is to have the spaces on your scorecard form a specific predetermined pattern. Then you have the bingo.

In this article we will give you three vital tips about playing bingo. If you’re new to the game it’s a good idea to remember these three strategies. Here they are:


Play varying scorecards


It’s a pretty simpe logic – if you have more than one scorecard, you also have a bigger chance to hit the bingo. If you’re about to use multiple cards, try to use ones which really vary from each other. The bigger the variety is then the bigger the chance to hit the bingo is.


Only trust reliable sites for playing


Just as every other gambling game, you must choose reliable websites with good reputation for playing at. And if the website offers an automatic feature – that’s even better, take a full advantage of this.


Don’t forget to play online


Playing bingo online is also offering some strategic advances as well. If you’re playing online it actually allows you to take control of more scorecards than you could usually do in person. Of course, if you have the automatic function we mentioned earlier it’s even better.


These are some of the most essential bingo strategies we could have give you right now. In our how to win at the casino every time articles we won’t stop offering you some good insights about gambling.

Poker terms you must know before start playing (pt. 1)

Poker terms you must know before start playing (pt. 1)

Poker terms you must know before start playing (pt. 1)



If you’re new to the fabolous world of poker most likely you don’t know some of the terms the more experienced players are using. But don’t be worried, here we are going to present you some of the most famous ones during this article, part of our how to play and win casino games guides.


Catch Bluffing


This term is often used when you wind by calling or raising someone who is bluffing.




This is actually a phrase which could have few different meanings. Very often it’s being used when there’s a two-pair hand in which one of the pair is aces and the other is deuces. In some slangs “Acey-Deucey” means a refference to the Hold’Em hand of Ax & 2x.




Inspired by the name of legendary conqueror Alexander the Great, this term is often reffering to the King of Clubs. In the same way           King of Spades is David, King of Hearts is Charlemagne and King of Diamonds is the one and only Julius Caesar.


Dark Bet


A dark bet is when the player announces a bet on the next betting, but before the cards being dealt. The player with the “dark bet” must be the first one to act on the coming round.


Barbara Hutton


Barbara Hutton is the nickname for the hand 10x and 5x. The hands are named after the famous American heiress and philanthropist.




We call it a bug when in some particular variants of poker there’s a wild card which can represent either an ace or fill a gap in a straight or a flush.


We hope we were useful to you in this part of our how to play and win casino games guides. There are many more terms in poker you must learn, but this takes time. Poker is a very old game, so there’s something new you can learn every day.

Poker terms you must know before start playing (pt. 2)

Poker terms you must know before start playing (pt. 2)

Poker terms you must know before start playing (pt. 2)

Poker is a really huge game and there are many new terms you can learn every day. This terminology is something which might be useful for you while playing because it could give you some valuable information in the process of the game. In this article, part of our casino games rules and strategies, we will present you some of the most important terms you must know.




Cranberry is a poker player who calls against the pot-odds.


Gutshot Straight


Gutshot Straight is when we have a straight filled “inside”. Imagine that you have 9s-8s, then the flop comes 7c-5h-2d and the turn is the 6c – well, congratulations – you made the gutshot straight.




B&M literally stands for “brick and mortar” – this is a cardroom which has a real physical location. This is a poker being played live, not online. Old school.


No Limit


No Limit is a situation when players have the opportunity to bet as much as they actually like on any round.


Dead Card


We have a “dead card” when we have a card which is not legally playable.


Bluff Catcher


How about catching some bluffing? A bluff catcher is when we have a hand which can be won only if you call the player who was bluffing.




That’s pretty simple. We have ducks when we just have a pair of twos.


ABC Poker


This is when we are playing poker which is “by the book”. In other words – this the style of playing when it’s really straightforward and excludes any fancy play. If you’re playing an ABC poker though, you risk to be easily read as a predictable player by the other.


These are some of the poker terms you must know in order to improve your knowledge. In our casino games rules and strategies guides we will offer you many more, so stay tuned.

5 big Texas Hold’em mistakes you should avoid (Part 2)

5 big Texas Hold’em mistakes you should avoid (Part 2)


Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular poker games in the world, but if you want to get really good at it and start making some solid cash, you need how to minimize the amount of mistakes you’re making. In this article we will give you some more examples in this regard. Meanwhile keep up with our video poker how to play and win tips as well, they are good!


Emotions are NOT your friend in poker


Being emotional in poker is probably an advice which you will never get and there’s a reason for this. You must be really stone cold calm while playing it, that’s why there are phrases like “poker face” – you must be impossible to read by the other players. So buddy, cut the emotions and don’t tell anything to the other players while playing. Don’t give them anything, be like a statue.


You tend to rely too much on your stats


There are some good reasons why so many players love HUDs and the different versions of tracking software. There’s no doubt that these things could help, because they could give you some valuable information. But it’s also true that these stats can’t be the only thing you pay attention to.


You don’t know how to adjust to other players’ style


In poker you must be good at two things – playing your game and try to understand the other players’ game as well. That’s what makes a great poker player. Part of the game is to adjust if the dynamics of the table have changed. This could happen pretty often. Learn how to adapt if the players change the tempo or the way they are playing. It’s important.


Bankroll management – guys, it’s REALLY important


You can win a lot of money when playing poker, but you also need money to play poker, right?


If you’re serious about your poker career, you must have a bankroll at your disposal and you must know how to manage it. This is the way to avoid losing more money than you can actually afford to lose.


Not trying to get better after initial success


That’s what a lot of new players usually do – they get so carried away with their initial success that they actually forget to learn new things. You must remember that in this game there’s always something you can learn – new tricks, new strategy – a lot of stuff. You must be always open to self-improvement. Learn something new every day!


These are five of the most common mistakes which poker players do while playing Texas Hold’em. In our video poker how to play and win strategies we are going to present you a lot of useful info, just stay with us!

Some of the most common mistakes people do in blackjack

Some of the most common mistakes people do in blackjack



Blackjack is one of most famous card games in the world. It’s being played by millions of people all around the world. No matter which casino you choose to enter tomorrow, you will see some people playing blackjack. But what kind of mistakes they do? Let us give you a shortlist with some of them in our casino blackjack best strategy chart.


Raising your bets


Here’s something you have to understand about blackjack. The idea of progression betting is a smart one for certain games, but it’s not a clever decision to use it in your blackjack strategy. The reason? Well, let’s say it like this – the odds are just skewed against you.


Our advice is simple – choose a game plan and stick to it. Many players fall victims to their emotions once they win some good hands, increasing their bets and losing even bigger amount of money. Don’t forget that the casino staff is instructed to advice you in raising your bets once you hit a winning streak. Do not listen to them.


Trying to win back the money you lost at any cost


Trying to recoup the money you just lost could lead you to a even worse situation – you could lose twice the amount you already lost. It’s important to remember that in gambling you shall never allow your negative emotions to rule over you. Never forget that losing hands in blackjack is a pretty normal thing, related to the standard deviation. Always stick to your bankroll and never go beyond that.


Playing tired or not rested enough


The experienced blackjack players know that this is a game where you depend on your skills and your ability to think fast. If you’re not concentrated enough, this could lead to bad results on the table. Always be fresh before playing blackjack.


These are three of the major mistakes which blackjack players usually make while on the table. Don’t do that and you will increase your profits. That’s what we can advice you in our casino blackjack best strategy chart.

Roulette computers – how these cheating devices work?

Roulette computers – how these cheating devices work?


Since the creation of roulette, many people tried to beat it by cheating. You know, this is just a part of human nature. One of the methods which humans invented in order to do it is the so called roulette computers. Let’s talk about them a little bit in our roulette betting strategy article today.


Before we begin, we shall say that we don’t encourage you to cheat. It’s never a good idea to cheat, no matter what. Stick to the rules and the fair play.


How the roulette computers work?


Basically it requires the player to click the button at a certain reference point, which would allow the computer to make a prediction about where the ball would eventually land.


What are the reference points exactly? If you take a look at a random roulette wheel, you’re going to see 8 diamonds placed above the different numbers. When the zero and the ball goes past the reference point, you’re hitting the button. When the ball starts slowing down, then the time between each click is increasing as well. What the computer is doing is basically using this information in order to start calculations where the ball will land at the end.


Different players who try to cheat are usually hiding their button at different places. For example, you can try to hide it in the fabric of your clothes or in your shoe, using your big toe to push it. One of the most important things is to feel comfortable with the position of the button, because you’d have to push it a lot. And it’s even more important to not draw attention to yourself.


Here’s something very important to clarify – the computer can’t guess the right number everytime, but it’s quite possible to have the ball landing pretty close to the computer’s prediction spot.


Here are some important Q&A regarding the roulette computers.


Q: Are they completely illegal?


A: Not always. For example, they could be legal in one state and illegal in another one. But have it mind that even if it’s a legal thing in a certain state, it doesn’t mean that the casinos in this state would welcome you with open arms if you’re using a computer. It won’t be surprising if they ban you from their properties.


Q: Where I can buy a computer for myself?


We never bought one, but we guess that the best place to buy a roulette computer is online.


Q: Can I use them while playing the live roulette online?


A: We’re sorry, but no. The roulette computers can be used only in real casinos.


That’s our quick info for the roulette computers we provided you in our roulette betting strategy article for today. We will repeat ourselves by saying that we don’t advice you to using the roulette computers. This could get you banned from the casino.

Some of the best gambling gifts you can make

Some of the best gambling gifts you can make

Some of the best gambling gifts you can make



If you know someone who is really passionate about the casino life, then you might consider making him a casino-related gift. We assure you it’s going to be a great gift. Here are some of the best ideas we can think of right now, offered to you in our top rated slots casino games.




This is basically a Monopoly game, but created for casino lovers. You know that Monopoly create all kind of different games, so a game for the passionate gamblers is a must, right?


Casino charm bracelet


If you know someone who’s crazy about bracelets, but also crazy about casinos, consider this a perfect gift. You can find some amazing models at Amazon or other online shopping platforms. Who knows, maybe the bracelet will bring some luck?


A piggy bank, but designed as a slot machine


Having a piggy bank is pretty cool, because it actually helps you save some money. Online you can find some really exciting piggy banks, designed as a good old slot machine. A perfect gift for the casino lover.


Whiskey tumblers for the whiskey drinkers


Real whiskey drinkers will tell you this – you can’t have too many tumblers. And if you know a whiskey lover, who is also crazy about casino, you can surprise him with a new tumbler, but having chips or dice embedded in them. It’s a really cool idea.


Roulette shots for a funny drinking game


Drinking games are an amazing way to spend the night with your friends and have some real fun. There are some models which are designed as roulettes. Just spin the wheel and let’s see how much you can drink.


These are some of our ideas for gifts, perfect for the casino lovers. Keep following us for some more top rated slots casino games articles, which might be useful to you.

Some casino secrets we managed to learn from Reddit

Some casino secrets we managed to learn from Reddit

Some casino secrets we managed to learn from Reddit



Ah, Reddit. It’s such a mysterious, but also a fascinating place. A place where you can find all type of crazy, unbelievable information. Today we are going to look at some of the craziest things we managed to learn from Reddit, related to the casino business. Here are they, provided by our best online casino strategy to win big.


All of the slots are actually written in the same musical key


Have you wondered why all of these sounds in the casino actually don’t sound too awful together? There’s a pretty simple answer to this – they are written in the same musical key – C Major. This keeps players happy and ready to spend some more money.


Some people are so crazy about the game, they don’t even use the bathroom


One of the Reddit users tells a story of a lady, who chose to pee in a thrash can in the casino, instead of using the bathroom. Meanwhile a lot of other people are actually wearing diapers, because they can’t lose a minute to go to the bathroom.


They use faster dealers at night


Have you wondered why the dealers you meet at night are actually a little bit faster? That’s a well thought strategy by the casinos, who use faster dealers at night in order to close out tables.


The casino wins more than you think


Some person on Reddit said that he used to work as an armored courier. He remembers that everytime he went to pick up the cash from a casino in Northern Illionis, he left the place with at least 500 000 dollars in cash. When the casino had a couple of good days, the numbers could increase to 1-2 million.


The casino starts watching you when you hit 15 000 dollars


According to some Reddit user, who used to work for a long time in a casino, the casino starts watching you carefully when you start winning some major money. According to him, it starts happening when you hit at least 15 000 dollars.


These are some of the most interesting secrets about casino life we managed to learn from Reddit. Expect some more in our best online casino strategy to win big guides.

Crucial insider tips from the casino – part 2

Crucial insider tips from the casino – part 2

Crucial insider tips from the casino – part 2



Reddit is an amazing place, because at this platform you could find some really useful inside information about many things. The main reason for that is that Reddit offers anonymity, so people are not afraid to share. Here are some more crucial insider tips from the casino, posted on Reddit, offered to you via our perfect casino strategy to win big articles.


If you have a player’s card, most probably you’ll get some room discounts


Signing up for a player’s card at the casino is absolutely free and you could get some really nice advantages. One of them is a good discount when looking for a room. So, our advice you is this – make some time to sign up for a player’s card and use its advantages in your favour.


You can ask the dealer for advice


Here’s an important thing which many people tend to forget. The dealer is not just the guy who knows the rules and moves the cards, but who’s also trained to be friendly and helpful to newbies. Here’s a good advice – when you sit at the table, tell the dealer that you’re a newcomer. Ask him questions and do not listen to other players. If the dealer is not friendly, move to another table.


If you have a strategy guide, print it and you can bring it to the casino


We are not sure if you know it or not, but it’s totally fine to print out a strategy guide and bring it with you in the casino. Nobody is going to stop you from doing it. It’s not against the rules. But it’s very important – have it printed, because you’re not allowed to look it at your smartphone.


All the casino insiders recommend to try craps


If you spend enough time at Reddit, looking for some inside information, you will see that most of the people recommend the same time thing – go and play some craps. We guess there’s some good reason for this, no?


These are more of our insider tips from the casino, provided to you in our perfect casino strategy to win big.

What exactly is video poker?

What exactly is video poker?



We all know what poker is – one of the most famous card games ever created. Poker is already regarded a phenomenon in the gambling history. Millions of people play it all around the world. Some of them even enjoy huge profits from it. But what is video poker? Maybe you’ve heard about it. Let us explain it to you in our video poker how to play and win.


Video poker is a five-card draw poker, based on the famous poker game. The big difference is that the video poker is computerized and played on a machine. If you enter any big casino in your town, you could see some video poker machines. They are very popular nowdays. Some might say that the popularity of the video poker is connected to psychology. Many people find them less intimidating than the real life experience of playing at the table.


The first versions of the video poker appeared as early as the first computers. It happened around the middle of the 70s, although right now the levels are incredibly different, of course. Some might say that video poker is very popular in Las Vegas, where you can find in most of the locals. In Vegas you can also enjoy very good odds offered to you by the machines. You shall not worry, because the machines are regulated by the gaming agencies. They are heavily tested, so play with no fear.


There are many different variations of the video poker. Some of the most popular ones are Bally’s All American, Tens or Better, Joker’s Wild, Deuces Wild and Sigma Flush Attack. Make a research in the internet and see which ones are the best for you.


This was our quick history of the video poker, offered to you by our our video poker how to play and win articles. Will you try it?