Lotteries: is it worthy to even try to win?

Lotteries: is it worthy to even try to win?



Lotteries are incredibly popular all over the world. People from all different ages are playing it, hoping to win some easy cash. After all, it sounds really simple – you buy a ticket and you’re already in the game. But is it worthy to even try it? Let’s talk a little bit about this during our roulette lucky numbers article for today.


Speaking about this subject, the USC math professor Kenneth Alexander is saying that playing the lottery does not even make a financial sense. The odds of the game are so much against you that it’d be a pure miracle if you win. What he suggest is to play the lottery mainly for fun and to enjoy this feeling that you could hypothetically win. But most likely it’s just not going to happen.


The odds are a big proof for this.


Let’s take the Powerball lottery for example. The numbers are saying that your odds of winning the big jackpot look like this: 1 in 292,201,338. How do you like it?


On the other hand the Mega Millions lottery is giving you a 1 in 302,575,350 chance to claim the biggest prize. Oh God, it’s even worse now. Just to make a comparison, the chance of you getting struck by a lightining is equal to 1 to 700,000.


Many people that buying as much tickets as possible is going to improve their chances of winning the lottery. Sorry, but professor Alexander is using the power of math and he has bad news for you – it won’t. Actually, he says that even if you were buying 1,800 tickets per week since the birth of Jesus Christ, your chances of claiming the jackpot would be “better than even” that you will still not win.


In conclusion in another one of our roulette lucky numbers article we can say that you can do a lot of better things with your money than playing the lottery. That’s our tip: if you love to gamble, develop some skills and invest time and money in becoming a master. This will give you a lot better chance for becoming a rich man.

Some of the best gambling gifts you can make

Some of the best gambling gifts you can make

Some of the best gambling gifts you can make



If you know someone who is really passionate about the casino life, then you might consider making him a casino-related gift. We assure you it’s going to be a great gift. Here are some of the best ideas we can think of right now, offered to you in our top rated slots casino games.




This is basically a Monopoly game, but created for casino lovers. You know that Monopoly create all kind of different games, so a game for the passionate gamblers is a must, right?


Casino charm bracelet


If you know someone who’s crazy about bracelets, but also crazy about casinos, consider this a perfect gift. You can find some amazing models at Amazon or other online shopping platforms. Who knows, maybe the bracelet will bring some luck?


A piggy bank, but designed as a slot machine


Having a piggy bank is pretty cool, because it actually helps you save some money. Online you can find some really exciting piggy banks, designed as a good old slot machine. A perfect gift for the casino lover.


Whiskey tumblers for the whiskey drinkers


Real whiskey drinkers will tell you this – you can’t have too many tumblers. And if you know a whiskey lover, who is also crazy about casino, you can surprise him with a new tumbler, but having chips or dice embedded in them. It’s a really cool idea.


Roulette shots for a funny drinking game


Drinking games are an amazing way to spend the night with your friends and have some real fun. There are some models which are designed as roulettes. Just spin the wheel and let’s see how much you can drink.


These are some of our ideas for gifts, perfect for the casino lovers. Keep following us for some more top rated slots casino games articles, which might be useful to you.

Crucial insider tips from the casino – part 2

Crucial insider tips from the casino – part 2

Crucial insider tips from the casino – part 2



Reddit is an amazing place, because at this platform you could find some really useful inside information about many things. The main reason for that is that Reddit offers anonymity, so people are not afraid to share. Here are some more crucial insider tips from the casino, posted on Reddit, offered to you via our perfect casino strategy to win big articles.


If you have a player’s card, most probably you’ll get some room discounts


Signing up for a player’s card at the casino is absolutely free and you could get some really nice advantages. One of them is a good discount when looking for a room. So, our advice you is this – make some time to sign up for a player’s card and use its advantages in your favour.


You can ask the dealer for advice


Here’s an important thing which many people tend to forget. The dealer is not just the guy who knows the rules and moves the cards, but who’s also trained to be friendly and helpful to newbies. Here’s a good advice – when you sit at the table, tell the dealer that you’re a newcomer. Ask him questions and do not listen to other players. If the dealer is not friendly, move to another table.


If you have a strategy guide, print it and you can bring it to the casino


We are not sure if you know it or not, but it’s totally fine to print out a strategy guide and bring it with you in the casino. Nobody is going to stop you from doing it. It’s not against the rules. But it’s very important – have it printed, because you’re not allowed to look it at your smartphone.


All the casino insiders recommend to try craps


If you spend enough time at Reddit, looking for some inside information, you will see that most of the people recommend the same time thing – go and play some craps. We guess there’s some good reason for this, no?


These are more of our insider tips from the casino, provided to you in our perfect casino strategy to win big.

What exactly is video poker?

What exactly is video poker?



We all know what poker is – one of the most famous card games ever created. Poker is already regarded a phenomenon in the gambling history. Millions of people play it all around the world. Some of them even enjoy huge profits from it. But what is video poker? Maybe you’ve heard about it. Let us explain it to you in our video poker how to play and win.


Video poker is a five-card draw poker, based on the famous poker game. The big difference is that the video poker is computerized and played on a machine. If you enter any big casino in your town, you could see some video poker machines. They are very popular nowdays. Some might say that the popularity of the video poker is connected to psychology. Many people find them less intimidating than the real life experience of playing at the table.


The first versions of the video poker appeared as early as the first computers. It happened around the middle of the 70s, although right now the levels are incredibly different, of course. Some might say that video poker is very popular in Las Vegas, where you can find in most of the locals. In Vegas you can also enjoy very good odds offered to you by the machines. You shall not worry, because the machines are regulated by the gaming agencies. They are heavily tested, so play with no fear.


There are many different variations of the video poker. Some of the most popular ones are Bally’s All American, Tens or Better, Joker’s Wild, Deuces Wild and Sigma Flush Attack. Make a research in the internet and see which ones are the best for you.


This was our quick history of the video poker, offered to you by our our video poker how to play and win articles. Will you try it?

Before doing a redeposit – always ask if there’s any new bonus

Before doing a redeposit – always ask if there’s any new bonus



It’s time once again to talk about what you have to do at online casinos in order to maximize your profits and enjoy a better stint there. Here’s another one of our roulette advantage play articles, designed to make you a better gambler.


Before doing another redeposit at your favourite online casino, better stop for a moment, because there’s something important you can do.


Here’s the thing. Even if you’ve already taken the initial deposit bonus, many casinos might give you the opportunity to recieve a redeposit bonus as well. It’s pretty good, right?


In most of the cases, everything you have to do is just redeposit. For the casinos this is a way to keep you as a customer, because the competition in this business is really big.


But here’s the catch – in many cases, the casinos are hoping that you’re going to just redeposit, without asking of anything. You might be not aware that there’s a bonus, just waiting for you.


But here’s what the smart customer does – he always asks if there’s any bonus awaiting him. Just get in touch with the customer service and ask if there’s a bonus for you. You might get surprised in a good way.


Here’s what you have to do. Get in touch with the customer service, using the live chat function, for example. Tell them this – you’re actually not fully prepared to make another deposit, if you don’t get a bonus for this. Maybe this sounds like a long shot, but you’d get surprised how many casinos will actually give you the bonus. How we said – there’s a big fight between them for every customer.


Just try.


This was another tip from our roulette advantage play articles, regarding the bonuses in online casinos. We hope it was useful.

Few quick tips for getting better at baccarat

Few quick tips for getting better at baccarat

Baccarat could be a pretty intriguing card game, if you spend enough time to master it and learn its secrets. It’s James Bond’s favourite game after all. You don’t need huge budget in order to play te game. You can make some good profits out of it, without risking too much. Here, in our casino strategy to win big, we will give you few quick tips how to get really good in baccarat.

By the way, here’s some curious info. Do you know the correct pronounciation of the game? Many people pronounce it wrong, thinking it’s “back-a-rat”. Actually, the correct pronounciation of this game is “bah-cah-rah”. It’d be better to know this in case you enter a real casino to play in.

Anyway, back to the point. Here are some quick tips you shall know before starting to play baccarat.

Forget about making the “tie” bet


Baccarat has three main bets – Player, Banker and Tie. The reason why we advice you to avoid the “tie” bet is because of its incredibly high house edge. While the Player’s house edge is just 1.24 percent and the Banker’s house edge is only 1.06 percent, the Tie’s house edge is, read carefully – 14.4 percent!

This means that you’re losing 14.4 units for every 100 units being wagered. It just doesn’t make sense to make the “tie” bet!

Which is the best bet to make?


It’s probably the Banker. Especially if you’re just coming to the table and you’re preparing to make your first bet. According to the stats, the Banker is winning over 50 percent of the time.

Go with the Banker until it loses


If you’re an experienced gambler, you already know how sweet it is to capitalize your efforts on streaks. Streaks are the best. We believe that the Banker is giving you the best chance for a winning streak. If you find from your first bet that the Banker is going on a streak, do not hesitate – keep betting on it! But always be careful and remember that there’s no streak going forever.

These are some of our tips for a better performance at baccarat in our casino strategy to win big. We wish you good luck!

A Brief History of Baccarat

A Brief History of Baccarat



Baccarat, also known as baccara, is one of the many card games you can play in the casino. If you intend to start playing it in near future, maybe you’d like to know it a little bit better. Here’s a brief history of baccarat, provided to you in our casino strategy to win big.

Explained in the most simple way, baccarat is a comparing card game, where we have two hands playing it – the player and the banker. The possible outcomes are three – the player to win, the banker to win and to see a tie. The three main versions of baccarat are punto banco, baccarat chemin de fer and baccarat banque.

But what are the origins of this game?

We can’t say it for sure, because the origins of baccarat are being disputed. Some people claim that the game was invented in the 19th century. According to other, baccarat was introduced to France from Italy and this happened much earliers – at the end of the 15th century. This happened when French soldiers returned from the Franco-Italian War, knowing some new card games.

But the fact is that baccarat got really popular among the French nobles during the 19th century. Before casino gambling was legalized in France in the beginning of the 20th century, this card game was usually played in private gaming rooms. According to history, the baccarat banque is th earliest form of the game. Later there were some other forms of baccarat being created.

There’s something really curious about baccarat – this is James Bond’s favourite card game. Ian Fleming’s legendary secret agent plays the game in many of the novels, written about his adventures. This is another way how baccarat got really popular in the world and among the lovers of card games.

This is the brief history of baccarat, offered to you by us in our casino strategy to win big. Do you intend to start playing?

Why you should make higher bets on the slot machines

Why you should make higher bets on the slot machines


Beating the slot machines is not an easy thing to do, do not make a mistake about this. Slot machines are more complex than most of the people actually think. The reason for this is very simple – the casino must win everytime. Or at least, most of the time.

Which is better while hoping to hit the big jackpot – make lower or higher bets? Well, the statistics are saying that usually the higher bets are more rewarding and lead to bigger profits. Which is really logical, because why the casino would risk to give you a big prize, if you’re not ready to risk it big? It’s a pretty simple equation – big bets lead to big wins.

All the experts are saying the same thing about slot machines – the payout of the slot machine is pretty much proportional to your wager. If you’re not feeling like doing a big bet, then in most of the cases you shall not expect a huge payout as well.

Yes – betting more is a riskier, but it’s just like in real life – if you want to hit the big prize, you have to put some risk on the table. That’s the laws of nature.

Especially if you are playing slots with progressive jackpots, you should keep this in mind – in most of the cases you can’t hit the big jackpot, if you don’t do the max bet.

Some people do not like the risk and they try to avoid it any cost. But the sad truth is that in gambling hitting it big is pretty much impossible without a certain amount of risk.

This is one of the important tips we can give you right now about using the slot machines and trying to win big on them. In case you wonder if this strategy works, remember what they say – money attracts money. Right?

Why to determine the volatility of the slots and why it’s so important

Why to determine the volatility of the slots and why it’s so important



If you are just starting to play slot machines in the casino, there are different ways to get better. In order to do this, there are certain elements of the slot machines which is good to know. One of them is the so called volatility.

The volatility is basically the risk level which is ahead of you. Some people are calling it variance, too. When it comes to slot machines, the volatility measures the risk which is involved in the slot you’ve chose.

Let’s give a proper example here. If the particular slot has a low volatility, this means that people are winning there on a more frequent basis. But the profits are smaller, too.

And the opposite thing – if the volatility is higher, than it’s more of a rare thing to enjoy a win on this slot. But when this happens, the win is bigger as well.

The low volatility machines are preferred by people who do not like the risky approach when playing and prefer to wait for a proper win. In the same way, the high volatility slot machines are loved by people who love the risk and really play for the big numbers. It really depends on the personal characteristics of the player.

How to figure out the volatility of a slot machine?


The most simpliest way is to try the slot machine by yourself and see. If you spend enough time on the slot, you will see the result by yourself. The other option is to look online and have a proper search of the particular slots. There will be some information about the different slots’ volatility, you can be sure about this.

A lot of players actually use the free spins bonuses to check out on the different slots’ volatilities. It’s a very clever approach as well.

Playing on slot machines is one of the funniest things you can do in the casino

Playing on slot machines is one of the funniest things you can do in the casino. These machines are really addicting, so be careful – there’s a chance you will spent most of your money before you know it.

Today we are going to discuss some of the well known myths, related to the slot machines. Because there are many. Let’s take a look.

Myth: Slot machines are giving money only ar certain intervals of time


This is not true. The slot machines are not designed to do this, because in this case it’d be pretty easy to understand what they are doing. If this happens, not just the machines, but also their owners will lose their reputation forever. The results of the slot machines are randomly generated, don’t worry about this.

Myth: Use only machines which have not “paid” this month


The truth is that the machines are not counting the coins, neither they are calculating their profits and losses. The casinos are not interfering in this.

Myth: Slot machines are giving money only on “cycles”, determined by the frequency of the coins


The probability of a machine to keep giving money is the same as the probability of a machine, who have not, to start doing it.

Myth: There’s no need for you to concentrate while playing


The process of playing on slot machines could look easy, but the truth is that you still need to keep a good concentration. Everyone of the machines has its own rules. If you face a machine you’ve never played on before, you can find yourself in trouble. How we already pointed out, the machines are not calculating how much you spend.

Myth: The different slot machine strategies can beat the bank


Remember this – slot machines are very different from the table games or the roulette. Here it requires a minimal strategy and the models do not work against the random numbers. Just keep an eye on your time and money and learn when to stop.