Three essential tips for playing Caribbean Stud Poker

Based on the classic game of poker, Caribbean Stud Poker is a game which became popular among the casino lovers all around the world. In order to help you understand how to play and win casino games, we are going to give you three essential tips for playing Caribbean Stud Poker. Let’s start with number one.


1) Small pairs – just avoid folding them


Most of the Caribbean Stud Poker newbies can’t really decide what to do when they find themselves in possession of pairs of a low denomination. And to be honest with you – this happens often. Our pro tip for you is to look at these small pairs as a valuable thing to have. You will understand this when it happens to knock out the dealer.


2) Weak hands – avoid playing them


Do not ever hesitate to fold when you see that you have a weak hand. In most of cases, you really can’t do anything significant with it, so just fold and move on.


3) If you have a hand that doesn’t consist at least one high card – fold


The thing is that in Caribbean Stud Poker, the dealer’s hands qualify 50% of the time. You have to be sure that you have a hand that is strong enough to beat the dealer, even if you are at least holding a high card (for example – Ace or King). Our pro tip: try playing with such a card only if your high card matches the dealer’s hole card.


The general rule of Caribbean Stud Poker is this: fold if you don’t have luck with the hand you have. If you see that your hand does not rank very well, just fold and move on.


It’s not easy to understand how to play and win casino games. Be patient, learn something new every day, and you’d get there, though.

5 big Texas Hold’em mistakes you should avoid (Part 2)

5 big Texas Hold’em mistakes you should avoid (Part 2)


Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular poker games in the world, but if you want to get really good at it and start making some solid cash, you need how to minimize the amount of mistakes you’re making. In this article we will give you some more examples in this regard. Meanwhile keep up with our video poker how to play and win tips as well, they are good!


Emotions are NOT your friend in poker


Being emotional in poker is probably an advice which you will never get and there’s a reason for this. You must be really stone cold calm while playing it, that’s why there are phrases like “poker face” – you must be impossible to read by the other players. So buddy, cut the emotions and don’t tell anything to the other players while playing. Don’t give them anything, be like a statue.


You tend to rely too much on your stats


There are some good reasons why so many players love HUDs and the different versions of tracking software. There’s no doubt that these things could help, because they could give you some valuable information. But it’s also true that these stats can’t be the only thing you pay attention to.


You don’t know how to adjust to other players’ style


In poker you must be good at two things – playing your game and try to understand the other players’ game as well. That’s what makes a great poker player. Part of the game is to adjust if the dynamics of the table have changed. This could happen pretty often. Learn how to adapt if the players change the tempo or the way they are playing. It’s important.


Bankroll management – guys, it’s REALLY important


You can win a lot of money when playing poker, but you also need money to play poker, right?


If you’re serious about your poker career, you must have a bankroll at your disposal and you must know how to manage it. This is the way to avoid losing more money than you can actually afford to lose.


Not trying to get better after initial success


That’s what a lot of new players usually do – they get so carried away with their initial success that they actually forget to learn new things. You must remember that in this game there’s always something you can learn – new tricks, new strategy – a lot of stuff. You must be always open to self-improvement. Learn something new every day!


These are five of the most common mistakes which poker players do while playing Texas Hold’em. In our video poker how to play and win strategies we are going to present you a lot of useful info, just stay with us!

Lotteries: is it worthy to even try to win?

Lotteries: is it worthy to even try to win?



Lotteries are incredibly popular all over the world. People from all different ages are playing it, hoping to win some easy cash. After all, it sounds really simple – you buy a ticket and you’re already in the game. But is it worthy to even try it? Let’s talk a little bit about this during our roulette lucky numbers article for today.


Speaking about this subject, the USC math professor Kenneth Alexander is saying that playing the lottery does not even make a financial sense. The odds of the game are so much against you that it’d be a pure miracle if you win. What he suggest is to play the lottery mainly for fun and to enjoy this feeling that you could hypothetically win. But most likely it’s just not going to happen.


The odds are a big proof for this.


Let’s take the Powerball lottery for example. The numbers are saying that your odds of winning the big jackpot look like this: 1 in 292,201,338. How do you like it?


On the other hand the Mega Millions lottery is giving you a 1 in 302,575,350 chance to claim the biggest prize. Oh God, it’s even worse now. Just to make a comparison, the chance of you getting struck by a lightining is equal to 1 to 700,000.


Many people that buying as much tickets as possible is going to improve their chances of winning the lottery. Sorry, but professor Alexander is using the power of math and he has bad news for you – it won’t. Actually, he says that even if you were buying 1,800 tickets per week since the birth of Jesus Christ, your chances of claiming the jackpot would be “better than even” that you will still not win.


In conclusion in another one of our roulette lucky numbers article we can say that you can do a lot of better things with your money than playing the lottery. That’s our tip: if you love to gamble, develop some skills and invest time and money in becoming a master. This will give you a lot better chance for becoming a rich man.

Some casino secrets we managed to learn from Reddit

Some casino secrets we managed to learn from Reddit

Some casino secrets we managed to learn from Reddit



Ah, Reddit. It’s such a mysterious, but also a fascinating place. A place where you can find all type of crazy, unbelievable information. Today we are going to look at some of the craziest things we managed to learn from Reddit, related to the casino business. Here are they, provided by our best online casino strategy to win big.


All of the slots are actually written in the same musical key


Have you wondered why all of these sounds in the casino actually don’t sound too awful together? There’s a pretty simple answer to this – they are written in the same musical key – C Major. This keeps players happy and ready to spend some more money.


Some people are so crazy about the game, they don’t even use the bathroom


One of the Reddit users tells a story of a lady, who chose to pee in a thrash can in the casino, instead of using the bathroom. Meanwhile a lot of other people are actually wearing diapers, because they can’t lose a minute to go to the bathroom.


They use faster dealers at night


Have you wondered why the dealers you meet at night are actually a little bit faster? That’s a well thought strategy by the casinos, who use faster dealers at night in order to close out tables.


The casino wins more than you think


Some person on Reddit said that he used to work as an armored courier. He remembers that everytime he went to pick up the cash from a casino in Northern Illionis, he left the place with at least 500 000 dollars in cash. When the casino had a couple of good days, the numbers could increase to 1-2 million.


The casino starts watching you when you hit 15 000 dollars


According to some Reddit user, who used to work for a long time in a casino, the casino starts watching you carefully when you start winning some major money. According to him, it starts happening when you hit at least 15 000 dollars.


These are some of the most interesting secrets about casino life we managed to learn from Reddit. Expect some more in our best online casino strategy to win big guides.

Before doing a redeposit – always ask if there’s any new bonus

Before doing a redeposit – always ask if there’s any new bonus



It’s time once again to talk about what you have to do at online casinos in order to maximize your profits and enjoy a better stint there. Here’s another one of our roulette advantage play articles, designed to make you a better gambler.


Before doing another redeposit at your favourite online casino, better stop for a moment, because there’s something important you can do.


Here’s the thing. Even if you’ve already taken the initial deposit bonus, many casinos might give you the opportunity to recieve a redeposit bonus as well. It’s pretty good, right?


In most of the cases, everything you have to do is just redeposit. For the casinos this is a way to keep you as a customer, because the competition in this business is really big.


But here’s the catch – in many cases, the casinos are hoping that you’re going to just redeposit, without asking of anything. You might be not aware that there’s a bonus, just waiting for you.


But here’s what the smart customer does – he always asks if there’s any bonus awaiting him. Just get in touch with the customer service and ask if there’s a bonus for you. You might get surprised in a good way.


Here’s what you have to do. Get in touch with the customer service, using the live chat function, for example. Tell them this – you’re actually not fully prepared to make another deposit, if you don’t get a bonus for this. Maybe this sounds like a long shot, but you’d get surprised how many casinos will actually give you the bonus. How we said – there’s a big fight between them for every customer.


Just try.


This was another tip from our roulette advantage play articles, regarding the bonuses in online casinos. We hope it was useful.

Why experience is important in bingo

Why experience is important in bingo


Bingo might be a game of chance, but don’t make a mistake here – gaining experience and using it later is still very important. This is the subject we are going to examine today in our casino strategy to win big.


Bingo is not a complicated game, but still an unexperienced player would find that just knowing the rules might not be enough to build a winning strategy. For example, in bingo it’s pretty important to learn about the prizes and the criteria you need, while hunting for that big jackpot. In certain games you are going to play, you’d need particular and specific combinations in order to win a certain prize.


More as you play, the better you will become. If you prefer to do it online, there are multiple websites where you could test and improve your skills. Every hour you invest in playing bingo will increase your experience and make you a better player. When you’re a better player, you will build your strategies better and become more efficient.


Many of the websites are providing you the chance to play free games, which is a great thing to do. Play as much as you can and you will learn all of the secrets of bingo. When you do it, you’re going to be more prepared in the hunt for the dream jackpot that it’s going to change your life.


Another very smart thing you can do is actually pretty simple – talk to other players. That’s what chat rooms are for. Be polite and you can learn a lot of things about the game from other people who play it. When it comes to gambling, every trick is important!


These are some of our tips regarding experience in bingo. If you want some more tips, stay with us and our casino strategy to win big.

How to tip the blackjack dealer?

How to tip the blackjack dealer?



Many people in the casino has the desire to tip their blackjack dealer, but usually they don’t know exactly how to do it. Of course, there’s nothing strange about that. There ain’t a certain rule which states how exactly to tip the dealer, if you really love the way he’s working. Here’s what we can advice you during our casino strategy to win big guidelines 2020.


First of all, you might ask – why should I tip someone who’s just doing his job?


Well, first of all, don’t feel obligated to tip your blackjack dealer everytime. If your dealer is some grumpy guy, who rarely smiles and who’s generally not friendly at all, why would you tip him? You wouldn’t.


But if you really like how the guy in front of you is doing his job, then maybe you’d like to tip him. There’s nothing wrong about that. But how to do it exactly?


Well, one of the ways to do it is this. Just take one of your chips, put it on the layout and say to the dealer – “This is for you”. Most of the guys who do it like this are usually doing it at the end of the session, soon before leaving the table.


Another way to do it is to place a bet for the dealer on your hand. If the hand wins, then the dealer will recieve the win. Simple, right?


There’s some tip we may give you right now. If you tip the dealer early, then the dealer will know that if he’s friendly and helpful, he might recieve more tips until the end of the session.


Some people base their tips for the dealer on how much they’re betting. For example, if you place a $25 bet on the table, then a $5 tip for the dealer sounds like a fair number.


These are our tips about how to tip the blackjack dealer in our casino strategy to win big guidelines. Are you ready to do it?

Few quick tips for getting better at baccarat

Few quick tips for getting better at baccarat

Baccarat could be a pretty intriguing card game, if you spend enough time to master it and learn its secrets. It’s James Bond’s favourite game after all. You don’t need huge budget in order to play te game. You can make some good profits out of it, without risking too much. Here, in our casino strategy to win big, we will give you few quick tips how to get really good in baccarat.

By the way, here’s some curious info. Do you know the correct pronounciation of the game? Many people pronounce it wrong, thinking it’s “back-a-rat”. Actually, the correct pronounciation of this game is “bah-cah-rah”. It’d be better to know this in case you enter a real casino to play in.

Anyway, back to the point. Here are some quick tips you shall know before starting to play baccarat.

Forget about making the “tie” bet


Baccarat has three main bets – Player, Banker and Tie. The reason why we advice you to avoid the “tie” bet is because of its incredibly high house edge. While the Player’s house edge is just 1.24 percent and the Banker’s house edge is only 1.06 percent, the Tie’s house edge is, read carefully – 14.4 percent!

This means that you’re losing 14.4 units for every 100 units being wagered. It just doesn’t make sense to make the “tie” bet!

Which is the best bet to make?


It’s probably the Banker. Especially if you’re just coming to the table and you’re preparing to make your first bet. According to the stats, the Banker is winning over 50 percent of the time.

Go with the Banker until it loses


If you’re an experienced gambler, you already know how sweet it is to capitalize your efforts on streaks. Streaks are the best. We believe that the Banker is giving you the best chance for a winning streak. If you find from your first bet that the Banker is going on a streak, do not hesitate – keep betting on it! But always be careful and remember that there’s no streak going forever.

These are some of our tips for a better performance at baccarat in our casino strategy to win big. We wish you good luck!

What Not to do in the Casino

What Not to do in the Casino

We all like to go to the casino, but there are some things which it’s better not to do there. Always remember that you are playing with your hard earned money and you have to be responsible. Here are some of our tips when it comes to your casino experience in our casino bonus hunting strategy.


  • Don’t be afraid to make a bet. If you are afraid to play, then gambling is just not for you.
  • Don’t try to impress people around you with high stakes. Bet as much as you can afford to.
  • Don’t gamble while being drunk.
  • If you’re feeling tired, go home and get a rest. Don’t go to the casino.
  • Don’t be greedy. If it happens that you lose everything you’ve won, just stop playing. Come back tomorrow.
  • If you’ve put a limit of the stakes to yourself, don’t go over it.
  • Never increase your stakes with the idea to compensate for your losses.
  • Never quit the table after you’ve won.
  • If you’ve achieved your goal, just leave the casino.
  • If you’ve won a lot of money, don’t think it has been easy. It may looks easy, but it’s never easy.
  • If you don’t know the rules of a certain game, don’t put a lot of money on the table. You may regret it.
  • Don’t enter the casino with the thought of some kind of colossal profits. Just have fun.
  • Be smart. Don’t think with your money, think with your brain.
  • If you start losing too much money, just leave the casino with everything you’ve left.
  • Never play without a system! A system will help you win. The only exception is if you’re playing just for fun.
  • Pick the games you really like. Don’t listen to the others.
  • The best thing is to play alone. If you take your husband/wife or your friends with you, you can’t be perfectly concentrated.
  • Drinks? Only after you’ve won.
  • Don’t take more money with you than you’re ready to lose.
  • Some people get rich with gambling, but these people are not many. Play mainly for fun.


These are some of our tips for your next visit to the casino. We hope that we’ve been useful to you with our casino bonus hunting strategy.