Coronavirus: How to keep your poker skills as sharp as possible

Coronavirus: How to keep your poker skills as sharp as possible

Coronavirus: How to keep your poker skills as sharp as possible

Coronavirus sucks. It’s like the whole world stopped in a certain way. Most of the nations are actually unprepared for this situation and it shows. But for us – poker fanatics, it could be a time to sharpen our skills and learn some new things. Let’s discuss this during while we are looking for some casino player development strategies 2020 for you.


These are few tips how to keep your skills sharp during coronavirus:


Watch a lot of poker videos


Some poker videos might be thrash, but some are offering a precious bits of information. Try to learn who are the best creators of content like this and see what they have to offer you as a knowledge. It could be really good and it might be absolutely free.


Poker books – don’t underrestimate them


Some people have so much of an information about poker that they actually wrote books about the game. We can’t say that all books are good, but some of them are really good. If you’re in a quarantine because of the coronavirus this means that you might have a lot of time for reading. This might be the perfect moment to buy a good poker book and see what the author has to say.


Spend some time to learn a new game


Many poker players are traditionals and they don’t have the desire to learn new games besides the ones they already play. But this free time because of coronavirus might give you this opportunity. Why not add something new to your repertoire?


These are three of the things you can do to keep your poker skills as sharp as possible during this awful coronavirus pandemic. The world is burning right now, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do something useful during these tragic times.

Keep safe while we are looking for some casino player development strategies 2020 for you.

Some of the most common mistakes people do in blackjack

Some of the most common mistakes people do in blackjack



Blackjack is one of most famous card games in the world. It’s being played by millions of people all around the world. No matter which casino you choose to enter tomorrow, you will see some people playing blackjack. But what kind of mistakes they do? Let us give you a shortlist with some of them in our casino blackjack best strategy chart.


Raising your bets


Here’s something you have to understand about blackjack. The idea of progression betting is a smart one for certain games, but it’s not a clever decision to use it in your blackjack strategy. The reason? Well, let’s say it like this – the odds are just skewed against you.


Our advice is simple – choose a game plan and stick to it. Many players fall victims to their emotions once they win some good hands, increasing their bets and losing even bigger amount of money. Don’t forget that the casino staff is instructed to advice you in raising your bets once you hit a winning streak. Do not listen to them.


Trying to win back the money you lost at any cost


Trying to recoup the money you just lost could lead you to a even worse situation – you could lose twice the amount you already lost. It’s important to remember that in gambling you shall never allow your negative emotions to rule over you. Never forget that losing hands in blackjack is a pretty normal thing, related to the standard deviation. Always stick to your bankroll and never go beyond that.


Playing tired or not rested enough


The experienced blackjack players know that this is a game where you depend on your skills and your ability to think fast. If you’re not concentrated enough, this could lead to bad results on the table. Always be fresh before playing blackjack.


These are three of the major mistakes which blackjack players usually make while on the table. Don’t do that and you will increase your profits. That’s what we can advice you in our casino blackjack best strategy chart.

Some of the best gambling gifts you can make

Some of the best gambling gifts you can make

Some of the best gambling gifts you can make



If you know someone who is really passionate about the casino life, then you might consider making him a casino-related gift. We assure you it’s going to be a great gift. Here are some of the best ideas we can think of right now, offered to you in our top rated slots casino games.




This is basically a Monopoly game, but created for casino lovers. You know that Monopoly create all kind of different games, so a game for the passionate gamblers is a must, right?


Casino charm bracelet


If you know someone who’s crazy about bracelets, but also crazy about casinos, consider this a perfect gift. You can find some amazing models at Amazon or other online shopping platforms. Who knows, maybe the bracelet will bring some luck?


A piggy bank, but designed as a slot machine


Having a piggy bank is pretty cool, because it actually helps you save some money. Online you can find some really exciting piggy banks, designed as a good old slot machine. A perfect gift for the casino lover.


Whiskey tumblers for the whiskey drinkers


Real whiskey drinkers will tell you this – you can’t have too many tumblers. And if you know a whiskey lover, who is also crazy about casino, you can surprise him with a new tumbler, but having chips or dice embedded in them. It’s a really cool idea.


Roulette shots for a funny drinking game


Drinking games are an amazing way to spend the night with your friends and have some real fun. There are some models which are designed as roulettes. Just spin the wheel and let’s see how much you can drink.


These are some of our ideas for gifts, perfect for the casino lovers. Keep following us for some more top rated slots casino games articles, which might be useful to you.

Crucial insider tips from the casino – part 2

Crucial insider tips from the casino – part 2

Crucial insider tips from the casino – part 2



Reddit is an amazing place, because at this platform you could find some really useful inside information about many things. The main reason for that is that Reddit offers anonymity, so people are not afraid to share. Here are some more crucial insider tips from the casino, posted on Reddit, offered to you via our perfect casino strategy to win big articles.


If you have a player’s card, most probably you’ll get some room discounts


Signing up for a player’s card at the casino is absolutely free and you could get some really nice advantages. One of them is a good discount when looking for a room. So, our advice you is this – make some time to sign up for a player’s card and use its advantages in your favour.


You can ask the dealer for advice


Here’s an important thing which many people tend to forget. The dealer is not just the guy who knows the rules and moves the cards, but who’s also trained to be friendly and helpful to newbies. Here’s a good advice – when you sit at the table, tell the dealer that you’re a newcomer. Ask him questions and do not listen to other players. If the dealer is not friendly, move to another table.


If you have a strategy guide, print it and you can bring it to the casino


We are not sure if you know it or not, but it’s totally fine to print out a strategy guide and bring it with you in the casino. Nobody is going to stop you from doing it. It’s not against the rules. But it’s very important – have it printed, because you’re not allowed to look it at your smartphone.


All the casino insiders recommend to try craps


If you spend enough time at Reddit, looking for some inside information, you will see that most of the people recommend the same time thing – go and play some craps. We guess there’s some good reason for this, no?


These are more of our insider tips from the casino, provided to you in our perfect casino strategy to win big.

Before doing a redeposit – always ask if there’s any new bonus

Before doing a redeposit – always ask if there’s any new bonus



It’s time once again to talk about what you have to do at online casinos in order to maximize your profits and enjoy a better stint there. Here’s another one of our roulette advantage play articles, designed to make you a better gambler.


Before doing another redeposit at your favourite online casino, better stop for a moment, because there’s something important you can do.


Here’s the thing. Even if you’ve already taken the initial deposit bonus, many casinos might give you the opportunity to recieve a redeposit bonus as well. It’s pretty good, right?


In most of the cases, everything you have to do is just redeposit. For the casinos this is a way to keep you as a customer, because the competition in this business is really big.


But here’s the catch – in many cases, the casinos are hoping that you’re going to just redeposit, without asking of anything. You might be not aware that there’s a bonus, just waiting for you.


But here’s what the smart customer does – he always asks if there’s any bonus awaiting him. Just get in touch with the customer service and ask if there’s a bonus for you. You might get surprised in a good way.


Here’s what you have to do. Get in touch with the customer service, using the live chat function, for example. Tell them this – you’re actually not fully prepared to make another deposit, if you don’t get a bonus for this. Maybe this sounds like a long shot, but you’d get surprised how many casinos will actually give you the bonus. How we said – there’s a big fight between them for every customer.


Just try.


This was another tip from our roulette advantage play articles, regarding the bonuses in online casinos. We hope it was useful.

Few more tips for playing bingo the right way, pt. 1

Few more tips for playing bingo the right way, pt. 1


We’ve talked about it before – bingo might be purely a game of chance, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t use some useful tips, which would improve your experience. Let’s talk about some of them in our online casino strategy that work.


Are you playing bingo for the right reason?


The first reason why you want to play bingo is the fun. Yes – it could be a very fun game, but only if you let yourself enjoy it. Don’t get obsessed on winning money, because this is a game of luck, before everything else.


If you’re gong to play online, check the website first


Many people prefer to enjoy the comfort of their homes, playing the game online. But before investing your money and time in it, check the site’s reputation and how reliable it is. A good idea is to check the user reviews. Never forget that there are too many frauds online, it’s always a good idea to be careful.


Check the payment options, too


If you really intend to play online, check if the website you’ve chosen is supporting the payment methods you prefer. Most of the websites have a variety of different options to deposit and withdraw money, but make sure. It won’t hurt.


It’s a good idea to set yourself a limit


We will never get tired to repeat this, but the first rule of gambling says this – never lose more money than you can afford to. Never forget that you’re playing mainly for fun, do not get carried away. You might regret it later.


Pick a friendly site in order to feel the community spirit


Bingo is usually a game which has a pretty unique and very loveable community spirit. That’s why when picking a website to play in, pick one with friendly chat hosts. You’d feel better that way!


These are some of our tips for a better bingo experience in our online casino strategy that work. Good luck and until next time!

Few more tips for playing bingo the right way, pt. 2

Few more tips for playing bingo the right way, pt. 2


Bingo is once again the subject of our conversation. This is a really exciting game, which can bring a lot of fun in your life. But you should play it in the right way! That’s why we are giving you our useful tips for bingo in our free online casino strategy that win.


Always look for a good customer support


Bingo is pretty much a simple game, but when playing it online, you might have some question about the website you’re playing at. A good support is the one which is on 24/7, which is friendly to the customers and which solves your problems. A little bit of sense of humour won’t hurt, too.


Think carefully about the price of the ticket


Sometimes it’s better to buy a little bit of a more expensive ticket, but a ticket which allows you to enjoy a bigger prize. Choosing the right ticket must be a part of your winning strategy.


If you’re aiming for the jackpot, think about the time you’re playing


It’s a well known fact that most of the people who win jackpots and big prizes, usually do it on the weekends. Or at Friday night. If you’re aiming for the big shot, then remember this.


Pick the right time to make your deposit


It’s important when you’re going to make your deposit, too. In this way, you might get some good bonuses as well. If you’re not sure about the right timing, ask the chat host, they shall give you an answer.


More quiet means better


This is a pretty simple logic in bingo – if it’s more quiet and less people are playing, the bigger your chance for winning is. Empty rooms are better for you.


These are some of our useful tips for playing bingo in the right way. Keep it up with our free online casino strategy that win.

Why experience is important in bingo

Why experience is important in bingo


Bingo might be a game of chance, but don’t make a mistake here – gaining experience and using it later is still very important. This is the subject we are going to examine today in our casino strategy to win big.


Bingo is not a complicated game, but still an unexperienced player would find that just knowing the rules might not be enough to build a winning strategy. For example, in bingo it’s pretty important to learn about the prizes and the criteria you need, while hunting for that big jackpot. In certain games you are going to play, you’d need particular and specific combinations in order to win a certain prize.


More as you play, the better you will become. If you prefer to do it online, there are multiple websites where you could test and improve your skills. Every hour you invest in playing bingo will increase your experience and make you a better player. When you’re a better player, you will build your strategies better and become more efficient.


Many of the websites are providing you the chance to play free games, which is a great thing to do. Play as much as you can and you will learn all of the secrets of bingo. When you do it, you’re going to be more prepared in the hunt for the dream jackpot that it’s going to change your life.


Another very smart thing you can do is actually pretty simple – talk to other players. That’s what chat rooms are for. Be polite and you can learn a lot of things about the game from other people who play it. When it comes to gambling, every trick is important!


These are some of our tips regarding experience in bingo. If you want some more tips, stay with us and our casino strategy to win big.

Things to never do in online bingo

Things to never do in online bingo


Is online bingo your thing? Are you just starting to explore it? That’s good. Bingo is fun! But before you start playing it, take a look at some of the things you should never do in online bingo, provided to you by our best system to win at casino.


Give your personal info


Chat rooms are places for good conversations with other players, but never give your personal information to strangers. It’s a pretty stupid thing to do. You never know who is really behind the screen.


Don’t show off


Don’t act like a child. Everyone else would be happy for you if you win, but only if you don’t start showing off. Remain humble.


Never be rude with others


It’s completely normal to have a bad day at bingo and lose some money. But remember that the rest of the players are not responsible for this. Don’t be rude to anyone.


Don’t argue


One of the most pointless things you can do in life is argue with someone on the internet. You win literally nothing by this. Remember it the next time when you want to get in a fight.


Don’t refresh the page


If you’re making a deposit, it’s important to remember that you shall not refresh the page. This could make the payment processor to take your money twice and it won’t be a good feeling, we assure you.


Don’t stay online for too long


Don’t let online bingo control your life. Be careful how much time you spent behind the screen. Take a break when it’s needed.


Don’t be rude to the customer support


There’s one thing you should remember about customer support – not every one of your wishes could be granted. The people who work as customer support are usually doing things by the book. They are not inventing decisions.


These are some of our things to never do in online casino in our best system to win at casino. We wish you good luck.