Some of the most common mistakes people do in blackjack

Some of the most common mistakes people do in blackjack



Blackjack is one of most famous card games in the world. It’s being played by millions of people all around the world. No matter which casino you choose to enter tomorrow, you will see some people playing blackjack. But what kind of mistakes they do? Let us give you a shortlist with some of them in our casino blackjack best strategy chart.


Raising your bets


Here’s something you have to understand about blackjack. The idea of progression betting is a smart one for certain games, but it’s not a clever decision to use it in your blackjack strategy. The reason? Well, let’s say it like this – the odds are just skewed against you.


Our advice is simple – choose a game plan and stick to it. Many players fall victims to their emotions once they win some good hands, increasing their bets and losing even bigger amount of money. Don’t forget that the casino staff is instructed to advice you in raising your bets once you hit a winning streak. Do not listen to them.


Trying to win back the money you lost at any cost


Trying to recoup the money you just lost could lead you to a even worse situation – you could lose twice the amount you already lost. It’s important to remember that in gambling you shall never allow your negative emotions to rule over you. Never forget that losing hands in blackjack is a pretty normal thing, related to the standard deviation. Always stick to your bankroll and never go beyond that.


Playing tired or not rested enough


The experienced blackjack players know that this is a game where you depend on your skills and your ability to think fast. If you’re not concentrated enough, this could lead to bad results on the table. Always be fresh before playing blackjack.


These are three of the major mistakes which blackjack players usually make while on the table. Don’t do that and you will increase your profits. That’s what we can advice you in our casino blackjack best strategy chart.

Crucial insider tips from the casino – part 2

Crucial insider tips from the casino – part 2

Crucial insider tips from the casino – part 2



Reddit is an amazing place, because at this platform you could find some really useful inside information about many things. The main reason for that is that Reddit offers anonymity, so people are not afraid to share. Here are some more crucial insider tips from the casino, posted on Reddit, offered to you via our perfect casino strategy to win big articles.


If you have a player’s card, most probably you’ll get some room discounts


Signing up for a player’s card at the casino is absolutely free and you could get some really nice advantages. One of them is a good discount when looking for a room. So, our advice you is this – make some time to sign up for a player’s card and use its advantages in your favour.


You can ask the dealer for advice


Here’s an important thing which many people tend to forget. The dealer is not just the guy who knows the rules and moves the cards, but who’s also trained to be friendly and helpful to newbies. Here’s a good advice – when you sit at the table, tell the dealer that you’re a newcomer. Ask him questions and do not listen to other players. If the dealer is not friendly, move to another table.


If you have a strategy guide, print it and you can bring it to the casino


We are not sure if you know it or not, but it’s totally fine to print out a strategy guide and bring it with you in the casino. Nobody is going to stop you from doing it. It’s not against the rules. But it’s very important – have it printed, because you’re not allowed to look it at your smartphone.


All the casino insiders recommend to try craps


If you spend enough time at Reddit, looking for some inside information, you will see that most of the people recommend the same time thing – go and play some craps. We guess there’s some good reason for this, no?


These are more of our insider tips from the casino, provided to you in our perfect casino strategy to win big.

Using cryptocurrency for gambling – how to limit volatility

Using cryptocurrency for gambling – how to limit volatility


Some people prefer to use cryptocurrency as their preferred method of doing financial operations while gambling. Yes – cryptocurrency could be very easy way to use you your money on the different online casinos, but there’s one big flaw – it’s their volatility. How to limit the cryptocurrency’s volatility – this is what we are going to talk about in our casino bonus hunting strategy for today.

But before everything else – what is a cryptocurrency volatility?

It’s basically the way the cryptocurrency’s value could drop in a matter of just few days. This is the big risk when it comes to this kind of currency – you never know what to expect.

But here are some ways to reduce the volatility of the cryptocurrency:

  • if you have the luck to score a big win, immediately withdraw your money. This is a good way to secure your profit and save yourself from the danger of a huge volatility.
  • when you make a deposit, try to minimize the size of it. Deposit only what you really need or what you can actually clear in a bonus. Let’s say that the casino you prefer is offering you a 100% deposit bonus of up to 1 BTC, then think about it – is there really a good reason to purchase more than 1 BTC? Here’s a different idea – just transfer your flat currency to a cryptocurrency as you need it. In this way, you’re going to minimize the volatility, which is actually the point here.
  • when purchasing cryptocurrency, always follow this rule: never purchase more than you can afford to lose. Remember than the cryptocurrency’s volatility is a dangerous thing for your budget, so if you think that the amount you have is too high, then the best idea is to make some changes.

These are some of your tips about reducing the volatility of your cryptocurrency. Never stop following our casino bonus hunting strategy for some more useful tips.

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How to tip the blackjack dealer?

How to tip the blackjack dealer?



Many people in the casino has the desire to tip their blackjack dealer, but usually they don’t know exactly how to do it. Of course, there’s nothing strange about that. There ain’t a certain rule which states how exactly to tip the dealer, if you really love the way he’s working. Here’s what we can advice you during our casino strategy to win big guidelines 2020.


First of all, you might ask – why should I tip someone who’s just doing his job?


Well, first of all, don’t feel obligated to tip your blackjack dealer everytime. If your dealer is some grumpy guy, who rarely smiles and who’s generally not friendly at all, why would you tip him? You wouldn’t.


But if you really like how the guy in front of you is doing his job, then maybe you’d like to tip him. There’s nothing wrong about that. But how to do it exactly?


Well, one of the ways to do it is this. Just take one of your chips, put it on the layout and say to the dealer – “This is for you”. Most of the guys who do it like this are usually doing it at the end of the session, soon before leaving the table.


Another way to do it is to place a bet for the dealer on your hand. If the hand wins, then the dealer will recieve the win. Simple, right?


There’s some tip we may give you right now. If you tip the dealer early, then the dealer will know that if he’s friendly and helpful, he might recieve more tips until the end of the session.


Some people base their tips for the dealer on how much they’re betting. For example, if you place a $25 bet on the table, then a $5 tip for the dealer sounds like a fair number.


These are our tips about how to tip the blackjack dealer in our casino strategy to win big guidelines. Are you ready to do it?

Ideas and tricks for Slots

Ideas and tricks for Slots

All games in the casino, including the slots, are making the players lose money. Their percentage of payout is lower than 100% and basically they work for the casino. This means that you need luck to win. Because of this, the higher volatility is better for you. Let us give you some smart tricks in our tutorial how to play slots for today.

Trick №1: Avoid the types of stakes, which really reduce the percentage of payout.

Most of the online slots have pretty much the same percentage of payout for all stakes. But some of them, mostly the ones who come from the old mechanical slots, add up some major differences in some kind of stakes. In this case you shall always pick the stake which is without any so called “extras”. Let us give you an example:

A stake on three winning lines costs 2 cents, while a stake on one line costs 1 cent. It’s obvious that the stake, which is on one line is not so good and it’s the one with a lower percentage of payout. In other words, it’s always better to choose the stake which costs 2 cents.

Trick №2: Use doubling, so you can regulate the volatility.

Doubling the stake (red/black) gives you an option to double your profit with a 50% of probability. In some games you can do the doubling few times in a row.

This option seriously increases the volatility of the game. In a long term perspective, you replace the smaller profits for proportionally fewer profits, but bigger ones.

For example: If you don’t use doubling, you can win 40 times and every time your win will be $1. But if you use doubling to three times, you can win 5 times and every time your profit is going to be $8. The long term profit is the same, but the individual profits are higher.

Trick №3: Reduce the count of the winning lines, so you can increase your volatility.

Do you know that if you reduce the winning lines from 10 to 1, in most of the cases your volatility is increasing from 5 to 10 times?

When you put a $2 stake on one line, the average profit will be much higher than if you put a $0.20 stake on 10 lines. When you bet on 10 lines in the same time, the profits are going to be 10 times smaller. In most of the slots you are usually hitting the winning combo in a fewer amount of lines than the 10 we are talking about. This means that your average profit is going to be smaller as well.

It’s important to remind you that this trick can’t be used on machines with high stakes, because in there the maximum stake on a line is usually restricted. But if you are a player who usually don’t bet more than $2 on a round, this trick is a must for you.

We hope that we helped you in our tutorial how to play slots for today. Good luck!

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