Poker terms you must know before start playing (pt. 2)

Poker terms you must know before start playing (pt. 2)

Poker terms you must know before start playing (pt. 2)

Poker is a really huge game and there are many new terms you can learn every day. This terminology is something which might be useful for you while playing because it could give you some valuable information in the process of the game. In this article, part of our casino games rules and strategies, we will present you some of the most important terms you must know.




Cranberry is a poker player who calls against the pot-odds.


Gutshot Straight


Gutshot Straight is when we have a straight filled “inside”. Imagine that you have 9s-8s, then the flop comes 7c-5h-2d and the turn is the 6c – well, congratulations – you made the gutshot straight.




B&M literally stands for “brick and mortar” – this is a cardroom which has a real physical location. This is a poker being played live, not online. Old school.


No Limit


No Limit is a situation when players have the opportunity to bet as much as they actually like on any round.


Dead Card


We have a “dead card” when we have a card which is not legally playable.


Bluff Catcher


How about catching some bluffing? A bluff catcher is when we have a hand which can be won only if you call the player who was bluffing.




That’s pretty simple. We have ducks when we just have a pair of twos.


ABC Poker


This is when we are playing poker which is “by the book”. In other words – this the style of playing when it’s really straightforward and excludes any fancy play. If you’re playing an ABC poker though, you risk to be easily read as a predictable player by the other.


These are some of the poker terms you must know in order to improve your knowledge. In our casino games rules and strategies guides we will offer you many more, so stay tuned.

Crucial insider tips from the casino – part 1

Crucial insider tips from the casino – part 1



Casino secrets. We all want to know them, because they might get us rich. Or just less poorer. Thankfully, the internet is giving us a lot of “inside information” about the casino life. This information come from the so called “insiders”. In most of the time, they are people who has been working in the casino business. And now they are ready to give the world some dirty secrets. Here are some of them in our online casino strategy to win big.


Never play the slots which are just next to the bathroom


Here’s the thing – you shall remember that the legal payout percentage is actually based on the house, not on the machines. This means that some machines in the casino are giving less than others. This is why slot machines near the bathrooms are paying out less, because the casino knows that you’d prefer them.


If you have a player’s card, only use it for long sessions


The most passionate players usually have player’s cards in their favourite casino. But here’s an important tip – only use your card for extended sessions. This will give you better promotional offers in future.


The dealers are just doing their job, don’t hate them


Here’s a thing which most of the players are actually wrong about – the dealer wants you to lose, because he/she represents the casino. False! The dealer knows that if you win big, than there’s a bigger chance to leave him/her a tip. So, think about it – the dealer actually hopes that you’re going to win.


Side bets – do not take them


Here’s the bad thing about side bets – the odds on them are usually pretty terrible. The dealers themselves are giving you this advice.


If you want free drinks, play the video games


Bartenders can actually see how much money you’re putting in the video games. If they see that you’re pretty serious about spending some cash, they will offer you some free drinks.


These are some of our online casino tips for today, we’re offering you with our casino strategy to win big. Try to remember them and good luck.

Pai gow poker – what’s that and how to play it?

Pai gow poker – what’s that and how to play it?



Pai gow poker – maybe you’ve heard about this. But what exactly this game looks like? Let’s discuss it today in our best casino offers to win big. Here we go.


Explained in the most simple way possible, pai gow poker is a version of the popular Chinese game pai gow, but using playing cards. The traditional pai gow is being played with Chinese dominoes, but this is not the case here.


The game was created by a man called Sam Torosian in 1985. He got the idea by being told of another game – Pusoy, by one of his customers. Just few years after being invented, the game got extremely popular among the gamblers.


For playing pai gow poker you need a standard 52-card deck and one joker. You also need a table set for six players, but don’t forget the dealer. Every player’s mission here is to defeat the banker.


Here is how the winning condition of the pai gow poker looks like. Your object as a player is to create two poker hands out of the seven-card hand you’re being dealt. Your goal is to beat both of the dealer’s corresponding hands.


Of course, there are some different variations of the pai gow poker, which you can find in the different casinos. The first variation that was created is called pai gow mania. Pai gow mania allows two side bets instead of the traditional one side bet per hand. Another popular variation of the game is the fortune pai gow, which allows you to make a side bet on a poker hand ranking of trips or better.


This was our brief history of the popular game called pai gow poker in our best casino offers to win big. In case you’re being interested in this card game, you can try to test it and see if you can get good at it. Good luck.

American vs. European roulette – what is the difference?

American vs. European roulette – what is the difference?



There’s no doubt that roulette is maybe the most popular casino game ever. This game exists from centuries and now millions of people continue to play it. There’s a rich tradition, surrounding the game of roulette. But what’s the difference between American and European roulette? This is a question we’re getting asked a lot. Here’s the explanation in our roulette wheel online today.


American roulette


This is the classic version of the game you can find being played in most of the casinos in North America. And online, too. It has a single zero on the layout and the wheel, but also a double zero as well. The percentage of the overall house advantage is 5.26%. Some people might say that it’s not a lot, but it’s actually a pretty good advantage for the house. Just think about it – in the Black Jack the house advantage is less than 1%.


European roulette


European roulette is very similar to the American, but there’s one important difference – the European roulette do not have a double zero. And here’s another huge difference – in the European roulette the house advantage is only 2.63%, which is pretty low compared to the 5.26% of the American roulette. This is why we could advise you to play the European roulette over the American one when it’s possible. The house advantage is a really important factor, when it comes to your overall chances to enjoy a good profit.


There are some other versions of roulette as well.


For example, there’s French roulette. It’s quite rare, but you can find it in some casinos. Roulette Royale on the other hand is a standard game of American roulette, buw with a progressive jackpot.


These are our tips in our roulette wheel online. We talked about the difference between American and European roulette. Good luck.

“Hot numbers” in roulette – do this thing exists?

“Hot numbers” in roulette – do this thing exists?



“This must be the hot number right now” – we bet that you’ve heard this numerous times while playing roulette in the casino. But is this “hot number” thing real? Are hot number really existing at all? We are going to discuss this in our roulette lucky numbers today.


Why people start thinking that there’s a hot number during a regular roulette game? Here is an example for a situation like this.


Let’s say we are playing the roulette. You notice that the number 22 has landed three times in the last ten spins. You’re starting to think – “hey, is this the hot number now?” So you’re starting to think – should I put my money on 22, too? Maybe it’s going to land again.


Let us tell you the truth – no, there ain’t no such thing as “hot number”. This thing just doesn’t exist.


Roulette is entirely a game of luck. What happened during the spins before does not mean anything for the spins that are about to come.


The idea of a hot number is a part of the so called “gambler’s fallacy”.


Gambler’s fallacy is basically the idea that just because a certain number hasn’t been hit in a while, it’s going to be hit pretty soon. Or the the idea that there’s a “hot number”, just because a certain number has been hit more in a while.


Both ideas are completely incorrect. Gambler’s fallacy is not something you should fall into. It could cost you some money, so be careful. Remember this – everything that happens on the roulette is completely random. Completely.


So, these are our tips about hot numbers and gambler’s fallacy in our roulette lucky numbers for today. We advice you not to fall into this trap, because roulette is a very different game than this.

Using cryptocurrency for gambling – how to limit volatility

Using cryptocurrency for gambling – how to limit volatility


Some people prefer to use cryptocurrency as their preferred method of doing financial operations while gambling. Yes – cryptocurrency could be very easy way to use you your money on the different online casinos, but there’s one big flaw – it’s their volatility. How to limit the cryptocurrency’s volatility – this is what we are going to talk about in our casino bonus hunting strategy for today.

But before everything else – what is a cryptocurrency volatility?

It’s basically the way the cryptocurrency’s value could drop in a matter of just few days. This is the big risk when it comes to this kind of currency – you never know what to expect.

But here are some ways to reduce the volatility of the cryptocurrency:

  • if you have the luck to score a big win, immediately withdraw your money. This is a good way to secure your profit and save yourself from the danger of a huge volatility.
  • when you make a deposit, try to minimize the size of it. Deposit only what you really need or what you can actually clear in a bonus. Let’s say that the casino you prefer is offering you a 100% deposit bonus of up to 1 BTC, then think about it – is there really a good reason to purchase more than 1 BTC? Here’s a different idea – just transfer your flat currency to a cryptocurrency as you need it. In this way, you’re going to minimize the volatility, which is actually the point here.
  • when purchasing cryptocurrency, always follow this rule: never purchase more than you can afford to lose. Remember than the cryptocurrency’s volatility is a dangerous thing for your budget, so if you think that the amount you have is too high, then the best idea is to make some changes.

These are some of your tips about reducing the volatility of your cryptocurrency. Never stop following our casino bonus hunting strategy for some more useful tips.

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Few more tips for playing bingo the right way, pt. 1

Few more tips for playing bingo the right way, pt. 1


We’ve talked about it before – bingo might be purely a game of chance, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t use some useful tips, which would improve your experience. Let’s talk about some of them in our online casino strategy that work.


Are you playing bingo for the right reason?


The first reason why you want to play bingo is the fun. Yes – it could be a very fun game, but only if you let yourself enjoy it. Don’t get obsessed on winning money, because this is a game of luck, before everything else.


If you’re gong to play online, check the website first


Many people prefer to enjoy the comfort of their homes, playing the game online. But before investing your money and time in it, check the site’s reputation and how reliable it is. A good idea is to check the user reviews. Never forget that there are too many frauds online, it’s always a good idea to be careful.


Check the payment options, too


If you really intend to play online, check if the website you’ve chosen is supporting the payment methods you prefer. Most of the websites have a variety of different options to deposit and withdraw money, but make sure. It won’t hurt.


It’s a good idea to set yourself a limit


We will never get tired to repeat this, but the first rule of gambling says this – never lose more money than you can afford to. Never forget that you’re playing mainly for fun, do not get carried away. You might regret it later.


Pick a friendly site in order to feel the community spirit


Bingo is usually a game which has a pretty unique and very loveable community spirit. That’s why when picking a website to play in, pick one with friendly chat hosts. You’d feel better that way!


These are some of our tips for a better bingo experience in our online casino strategy that work. Good luck and until next time!

Why experience is important in bingo

Why experience is important in bingo


Bingo might be a game of chance, but don’t make a mistake here – gaining experience and using it later is still very important. This is the subject we are going to examine today in our casino strategy to win big.


Bingo is not a complicated game, but still an unexperienced player would find that just knowing the rules might not be enough to build a winning strategy. For example, in bingo it’s pretty important to learn about the prizes and the criteria you need, while hunting for that big jackpot. In certain games you are going to play, you’d need particular and specific combinations in order to win a certain prize.


More as you play, the better you will become. If you prefer to do it online, there are multiple websites where you could test and improve your skills. Every hour you invest in playing bingo will increase your experience and make you a better player. When you’re a better player, you will build your strategies better and become more efficient.


Many of the websites are providing you the chance to play free games, which is a great thing to do. Play as much as you can and you will learn all of the secrets of bingo. When you do it, you’re going to be more prepared in the hunt for the dream jackpot that it’s going to change your life.


Another very smart thing you can do is actually pretty simple – talk to other players. That’s what chat rooms are for. Be polite and you can learn a lot of things about the game from other people who play it. When it comes to gambling, every trick is important!


These are some of our tips regarding experience in bingo. If you want some more tips, stay with us and our casino strategy to win big.

Things to never do in online bingo

Things to never do in online bingo


Is online bingo your thing? Are you just starting to explore it? That’s good. Bingo is fun! But before you start playing it, take a look at some of the things you should never do in online bingo, provided to you by our best system to win at casino.


Give your personal info


Chat rooms are places for good conversations with other players, but never give your personal information to strangers. It’s a pretty stupid thing to do. You never know who is really behind the screen.


Don’t show off


Don’t act like a child. Everyone else would be happy for you if you win, but only if you don’t start showing off. Remain humble.


Never be rude with others


It’s completely normal to have a bad day at bingo and lose some money. But remember that the rest of the players are not responsible for this. Don’t be rude to anyone.


Don’t argue


One of the most pointless things you can do in life is argue with someone on the internet. You win literally nothing by this. Remember it the next time when you want to get in a fight.


Don’t refresh the page


If you’re making a deposit, it’s important to remember that you shall not refresh the page. This could make the payment processor to take your money twice and it won’t be a good feeling, we assure you.


Don’t stay online for too long


Don’t let online bingo control your life. Be careful how much time you spent behind the screen. Take a break when it’s needed.


Don’t be rude to the customer support


There’s one thing you should remember about customer support – not every one of your wishes could be granted. The people who work as customer support are usually doing things by the book. They are not inventing decisions.


These are some of our things to never do in online casino in our best system to win at casino. We wish you good luck.