Three tips for playing fastforward at partypoker a little bit better

Three tips for playing fastforward at partypoker a little bit better

Three tips for playing fastforward at partypoker a little bit better

Maybe you’ve heard about fastforward – this is the fast-fold variant of the No-Limit Texas Hold’em which you can find at partypoker. A lot of people actually play it because it’s very, very funny. If you’re fan of fast action, fastforward is a great option for you. Here’s a quick guide from us and our casino player development strategies.


Here’s how we can explain fastforward in the easiest way possible: when you decide to fold, you’re quickly moved to another table to try your next hand. Your opponents change as well.


Here are three good tips about playing fastforward:


Don’t play on too many tables


Many fastforward players make the mistake to try playing at too many table. Remember: the more the hands there are the less the time for you to think. The pace of the game could be a little bit difficult for you, especially if you’re a newbie. If you’re just starting to play this version of poker, well – we recommend you to start at just few tables.


Stealing strategy – you must have a good one


The game allows you to fold very quickly – even before the action begins, so many players with bad hands are doing exactly this. This is why it’s a good idea for you to build a strong strategy about stealing the blinds from the middle and the late positions. In another article we’d explain you how to do this.


Information and the lack of information – you must understand it well


Because of the pace of the game and the fact that you’re switching from a table to a table, it becomes even more difficult to take notes on your opponents and remember their styles. That’s why you must always pay attention and try to remember the tendencies which you can see in every regular player there is.


These are three of the tips about fastforward poker on partypoker we prepared for you. This is a part of our casino player development strategies. We wish you good luck, pals – crush them!

Different types of casino bonuses (part 1)

Different types of casino bonuses (part 1)

If you are about to sign up for a first time to an online casino, maybe you wonder if there are some nice bonuses you can use in your favour. Here are the good news – yes, there are many different bonuses you can take and enjoy. This is one of the ways how the different online casinos are fighting for more customers – they are trying to offer them different things. In this article, which is a part of our online casino bonus code, we will present you some bonuses you can see and take in the world of online casino.


The sign-up bonus


That’s a bonus you can find pretty much in every good online casino. You can also see it as the so called “welcome bonus”. In this case the casino is offering you some bonus money for your registration. But make no mistake – these ain’t money you can take just like this. There are certain terms you can agree. These terms are based on the way how you must play the bonus in a certain way in order to acquire it.


Percentage bonus


When you have the so called percentage bonus, casinos are usually offering you a certain percentage of your deposit. For example – if it says 50% percentage bonus, you will take 5 dollars for a 10 dollars deposit. Get it?


The match bonus


This is like the percentage bonus, but there’s a very big difference – you’re getting a bonus which is 100% matched with your deposit.


No deposit


This is a pretty good way to play the casino games with no risk whatsoever. If you see a No Deposit bonus, take it. There’s a chance to win some real money as well.


These are some of the casino bonuses you can usually see at the different online casinos. In our online casino bonus code we will try to show you some more in recent future. Stick with us!