Three tips for playing fastforward at partypoker a little bit better

Three tips for playing fastforward at partypoker a little bit better

Three tips for playing fastforward at partypoker a little bit better

Maybe you’ve heard about fastforward – this is the fast-fold variant of the No-Limit Texas Hold’em which you can find at partypoker. A lot of people actually play it because it’s very, very funny. If you’re fan of fast action, fastforward is a great option for you. Here’s a quick guide from us and our casino player development strategies.


Here’s how we can explain fastforward in the easiest way possible: when you decide to fold, you’re quickly moved to another table to try your next hand. Your opponents change as well.


Here are three good tips about playing fastforward:


Don’t play on too many tables


Many fastforward players make the mistake to try playing at too many table. Remember: the more the hands there are the less the time for you to think. The pace of the game could be a little bit difficult for you, especially if you’re a newbie. If you’re just starting to play this version of poker, well – we recommend you to start at just few tables.


Stealing strategy – you must have a good one


The game allows you to fold very quickly – even before the action begins, so many players with bad hands are doing exactly this. This is why it’s a good idea for you to build a strong strategy about stealing the blinds from the middle and the late positions. In another article we’d explain you how to do this.


Information and the lack of information – you must understand it well


Because of the pace of the game and the fact that you’re switching from a table to a table, it becomes even more difficult to take notes on your opponents and remember their styles. That’s why you must always pay attention and try to remember the tendencies which you can see in every regular player there is.


These are three of the tips about fastforward poker on partypoker we prepared for you. This is a part of our casino player development strategies. We wish you good luck, pals – crush them!

The celebrities who really love to gamble

The celebrities who really love to gamble



The love for gambling is not something usual just for the ordinary people like us and you. Actually, many famous people and celebrities are not hiding their passion for few good hours, spent in the casino. Today in our roulette lucky numbers we are going to present you few huge celebrity figures, who really love gambling.


Matt Damon


When he was preparing himself for his role in the movie Rounders, Matt Damon spent around $25 000 in the casino, mastering his skills. Today he’s still gambling for fun, spending some quality time in the casino.


Charlie Sheen


When he was separating with his wife Denise Richards, Charlie Sheen turned to gambling as a way to go through this difficult time in his life. According to some sources, this is the time when the beloved actor was spending around $200 000 daily in order to deal with his depression because of the divorce.


50 Cent


50 Cent is not just one of the biggest rap stars in the world, but he’s also a vivid gambler. The rapper is not joking with his bets, too. In 2012 he made a $500 000 bet for the championship game between New York Giants and San Francisco.


Tiger Woods


In the past the legendary golfer Tiger Woods went to rehab, because of a sex addiction. Well, he’s addicted to gamblins as well. Woods loves to play some blackjack. In certain situations, he’s known to make $25 000 bets on a single hand. But he’s really rich, so he can afford this.


Ben Affleck


Another one of the biggest movie stars in the world Ben Affleck is a passionate gambler as well. He’s known for doing something really remarkable. When he won $145 000 during a lucky night in the casino, Affleck actually gave all the money away to the dealers and the staff. Now that’s a good man.


These are some of the celebrities who really love to gamble, which we presented you during our roulette lucky numbers for today.

Some of the most common mistakes people do in blackjack

Some of the most common mistakes people do in blackjack



Blackjack is one of most famous card games in the world. It’s being played by millions of people all around the world. No matter which casino you choose to enter tomorrow, you will see some people playing blackjack. But what kind of mistakes they do? Let us give you a shortlist with some of them in our casino blackjack best strategy chart.


Raising your bets


Here’s something you have to understand about blackjack. The idea of progression betting is a smart one for certain games, but it’s not a clever decision to use it in your blackjack strategy. The reason? Well, let’s say it like this – the odds are just skewed against you.


Our advice is simple – choose a game plan and stick to it. Many players fall victims to their emotions once they win some good hands, increasing their bets and losing even bigger amount of money. Don’t forget that the casino staff is instructed to advice you in raising your bets once you hit a winning streak. Do not listen to them.


Trying to win back the money you lost at any cost


Trying to recoup the money you just lost could lead you to a even worse situation – you could lose twice the amount you already lost. It’s important to remember that in gambling you shall never allow your negative emotions to rule over you. Never forget that losing hands in blackjack is a pretty normal thing, related to the standard deviation. Always stick to your bankroll and never go beyond that.


Playing tired or not rested enough


The experienced blackjack players know that this is a game where you depend on your skills and your ability to think fast. If you’re not concentrated enough, this could lead to bad results on the table. Always be fresh before playing blackjack.


These are three of the major mistakes which blackjack players usually make while on the table. Don’t do that and you will increase your profits. That’s what we can advice you in our casino blackjack best strategy chart.

Top 10 movies about poker – part 2

Top 10 movies about poker – part 2

Top 10 movies about poker – part 2



Movies, movies, movies. We just love them. But what about movies about poker? We love them even more. Here are five of the best movies about poker ever created, telling the stories of some online poker betting strategy. Let’s go!




Shade is a 2003 movie, directed by Damian Nieman. It includes Joe Nicolo, Carl Mazzocone Sr. and George Tovar among the actors in the cast. It tells the story of a group of men who manage to make a big hit, but now they are being chased by a dangerous gangster.




The late Burt Reynolds is the star in this movie, directed by Gil Cates Jr. You will witness the story of an ex-gambler who is now teaching a young man about the art of playing cards. When he enters the world series, now he faces his protege as his main rival.


Lucky You


Eric Bana, Robert Duvall and Drew Barrymore are the big names in this flick, directed by Curtis Hanson. It tells the story of a talented poker player who tries to win a tournament in Las Vegas, but who is also chased by personal problems.


All In: The Poker Movie


This is actually a documentary, but it’s still as good as the others. It’s about poker in general and now this legendary game became very popular in America again. Some might say that it’s the way to chase the American Dream.


High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story


Stu “The Kid” Ungar is one of the biggest legends in the history of poker. Google him, if you need to. This film, directed by A.W. Vidmer, tells the real story of The Kid. It’s a must watch for every poker fan.


These are five of our recommendations for amazing poker movie, which might help you achieve some online poker betting strategy. Will you watch them?

Here, on our post’s page you will find more online casino bonus Canada 2020. Enjoy!

Top 10 movies about poker – part 1

Top 10 movies about poker – part 1

Top 10 movies about poker – part 1



There are some really great movies about poker, which you have to see. Today we are going to discuss five of them, which we consider a true classic. We highly advice you to give them a shot, because they are simply amazing. And who knows? Maybe they will help you to build your best online poker strategy.




Rounders is a movie from 1998, directed by John Dahl. You can see Matt Damon, Edward Norton and John Malkovic in the roles. This is a story about a gambler, who decides to return to playing in order to help his friend.




This is a pretty great gambling movie with the great Mel Gibson in the main role. It lets you follow the story of Bret Maverick, who tries to secure some money in order to enter a big poker tournament.


The Cincinnati Kid


What’s better than a poker movie with the legendary Steve McQueen in the leading role? The Cincinnati Kid tells you the story of a up-and-coming poker players, who tries to prove his skills against the best.


Casino Royale


It’s another James Bond adventure, but having the poker game as an important part of the story. You will see Agent 007 entering a dangerous game of poker at the Casino Royale. The stakes are going to be higher than you can imagine.


The Grand


Directed by Zak Penn, this movie from 2007 includes the great Woody Harrelson in the main role. In this nice improvisational comedy you’ll follow some talented actors who play characters competing in a poker tournament. Be ready to have a good laugh at it.


These are five of the best poker movies you can watch right now. Watch them carefully and maybe some of them will help you create your best online poker strategy.

Going to Atlantic City? Be sure to check out these foods

Going to Atlantic City? Be sure to check out these foods

Going to Atlantic City? Be sure to check out these foods



There are some places which every gambler knows they are special. One of them is Atlantic City, located in New Jersey. This is something like the Las Vegas of the East Coast. If you love world class casinos and have passion for gambling, be sure to check out what Atlantic City has to offer. Today in our casino strategy to win big we are going to talk a little bit more about the food in Atlantic City. Here are some recommendations.


Vanina’s Ice Cream offers some amazing funnel cakes


If you’re in love with funnel cakes, because we are, then don’t miss the ones in Vanina’s Ice Cream – a very good shop on the boardwalk, which would offer you some really tasty desserts. And it’s not just the funnel cakes, everything else they offer is amazing.


The oysters at Dock’s Oyster House are a must


If you’re a fan of a perfectly cooked and really fresh oyster, then make no mistake – the Dock’s Oyster House is the place for you. You can choose from more than 10 different types of oysters and all of them will be tasty as hell.


Fan of pizza? Don’t miss the Buffalo Chicken Pizza


Let’s be honest here – pizza is an all time classic. You just can’t go wrong with eating some good pizza. If this traditional Italian food is your thing, then here you go – find the Buffalo Chicken Pizza and feel at home.


Taco Pizza at Tony Boloney’s


We know that we just talked about pizza, but what about taco pizza? Basically it’s taco being pilled onto pizza. It might sound a little bit strange for you, but you have to try it before making a judgement.


Try the udon mac and cheese at The Iron Room


The Iron Room might sound as some place in Game of Thrones, but in reality this is a place for some amazing mac and cheese in Atlantic City. Don’t miss it.


These are some of our food recommendations, if you intend to visit Atlantic City and have some fun. We hope we were useful with our online casino reviews for today.

Crucial insider tips from the casino – part 1

Crucial insider tips from the casino – part 1



Casino secrets. We all want to know them, because they might get us rich. Or just less poorer. Thankfully, the internet is giving us a lot of “inside information” about the casino life. This information come from the so called “insiders”. In most of the time, they are people who has been working in the casino business. And now they are ready to give the world some dirty secrets. Here are some of them in our online casino strategy to win big.


Never play the slots which are just next to the bathroom


Here’s the thing – you shall remember that the legal payout percentage is actually based on the house, not on the machines. This means that some machines in the casino are giving less than others. This is why slot machines near the bathrooms are paying out less, because the casino knows that you’d prefer them.


If you have a player’s card, only use it for long sessions


The most passionate players usually have player’s cards in their favourite casino. But here’s an important tip – only use your card for extended sessions. This will give you better promotional offers in future.


The dealers are just doing their job, don’t hate them


Here’s a thing which most of the players are actually wrong about – the dealer wants you to lose, because he/she represents the casino. False! The dealer knows that if you win big, than there’s a bigger chance to leave him/her a tip. So, think about it – the dealer actually hopes that you’re going to win.


Side bets – do not take them


Here’s the bad thing about side bets – the odds on them are usually pretty terrible. The dealers themselves are giving you this advice.


If you want free drinks, play the video games


Bartenders can actually see how much money you’re putting in the video games. If they see that you’re pretty serious about spending some cash, they will offer you some free drinks.


These are some of our online casino tips for today, we’re offering you with our casino strategy to win big. Try to remember them and good luck.

American vs. European roulette – what is the difference?

American vs. European roulette – what is the difference?



There’s no doubt that roulette is maybe the most popular casino game ever. This game exists from centuries and now millions of people continue to play it. There’s a rich tradition, surrounding the game of roulette. But what’s the difference between American and European roulette? This is a question we’re getting asked a lot. Here’s the explanation in our roulette wheel online today.


American roulette


This is the classic version of the game you can find being played in most of the casinos in North America. And online, too. It has a single zero on the layout and the wheel, but also a double zero as well. The percentage of the overall house advantage is 5.26%. Some people might say that it’s not a lot, but it’s actually a pretty good advantage for the house. Just think about it – in the Black Jack the house advantage is less than 1%.


European roulette


European roulette is very similar to the American, but there’s one important difference – the European roulette do not have a double zero. And here’s another huge difference – in the European roulette the house advantage is only 2.63%, which is pretty low compared to the 5.26% of the American roulette. This is why we could advise you to play the European roulette over the American one when it’s possible. The house advantage is a really important factor, when it comes to your overall chances to enjoy a good profit.


There are some other versions of roulette as well.


For example, there’s French roulette. It’s quite rare, but you can find it in some casinos. Roulette Royale on the other hand is a standard game of American roulette, buw with a progressive jackpot.


These are our tips in our roulette wheel online. We talked about the difference between American and European roulette. Good luck.

Some people gamble more than other. Why is that?

Some people gamble more than other. Why is that?



Some people just prefer gambling more than other. But why is that? Have you asked yourself this question before? Let’s think about it in our casino bonus hunting strategy for today.


First of all, we think that there are two types of gambling – “healthy” gambling and “unhealthy” gambling. But what does it mean?

We believe that people who have a “healthy” gambling habits are the ones who play just for fun. These are the people who never bet more than what they can afford to lose. For them gambling is a hobby, but not an addiction.


If that’s so, why these people actually gamble? Well, the major reason for that is because this is entertaining for them. Gambling can be a lot of fun when you actually play for fun. Sadly, a lot of people have forgotten about this, turning gamble to addiction or a suffering.


And these are the people who have “unhealthy” gambling habits, which turn to addiction. Many of these people started to gamble just for fun, but with time they lost themselves in the game.


Many of these people gamble because of desperation. When you don’t have a proper job, a goal in life or people to support you, it’s very easy to become a victim of addiction. You start to believe that you’re going to get rich really fast and this will solve all of your problems. But tell us honestly – how many people do you know who got rich by gambling?


There’s nothing wrong or bad in gambling, but only if you don’t cross the lines you shouldn’t cross. If you have a gambling habit, keep it a habit, don’t turn it into addiction. This is a very crucial tip we can give you right now.


This is a part of our casino bonus hunting strategy for today. Tell us – why do you gamble?

“Hot numbers” in roulette – do this thing exists?

“Hot numbers” in roulette – do this thing exists?



“This must be the hot number right now” – we bet that you’ve heard this numerous times while playing roulette in the casino. But is this “hot number” thing real? Are hot number really existing at all? We are going to discuss this in our roulette lucky numbers today.


Why people start thinking that there’s a hot number during a regular roulette game? Here is an example for a situation like this.


Let’s say we are playing the roulette. You notice that the number 22 has landed three times in the last ten spins. You’re starting to think – “hey, is this the hot number now?” So you’re starting to think – should I put my money on 22, too? Maybe it’s going to land again.


Let us tell you the truth – no, there ain’t no such thing as “hot number”. This thing just doesn’t exist.


Roulette is entirely a game of luck. What happened during the spins before does not mean anything for the spins that are about to come.


The idea of a hot number is a part of the so called “gambler’s fallacy”.


Gambler’s fallacy is basically the idea that just because a certain number hasn’t been hit in a while, it’s going to be hit pretty soon. Or the the idea that there’s a “hot number”, just because a certain number has been hit more in a while.


Both ideas are completely incorrect. Gambler’s fallacy is not something you should fall into. It could cost you some money, so be careful. Remember this – everything that happens on the roulette is completely random. Completely.


So, these are our tips about hot numbers and gambler’s fallacy in our roulette lucky numbers for today. We advice you not to fall into this trap, because roulette is a very different game than this.