Three tips for playing fastforward at partypoker a little bit better

Three tips for playing fastforward at partypoker a little bit better

Three tips for playing fastforward at partypoker a little bit better

Maybe you’ve heard about fastforward – this is the fast-fold variant of the No-Limit Texas Hold’em which you can find at partypoker. A lot of people actually play it because it’s very, very funny. If you’re fan of fast action, fastforward is a great option for you. Here’s a quick guide from us and our casino player development strategies.


Here’s how we can explain fastforward in the easiest way possible: when you decide to fold, you’re quickly moved to another table to try your next hand. Your opponents change as well.


Here are three good tips about playing fastforward:


Don’t play on too many tables


Many fastforward players make the mistake to try playing at too many table. Remember: the more the hands there are the less the time for you to think. The pace of the game could be a little bit difficult for you, especially if you’re a newbie. If you’re just starting to play this version of poker, well – we recommend you to start at just few tables.


Stealing strategy – you must have a good one


The game allows you to fold very quickly – even before the action begins, so many players with bad hands are doing exactly this. This is why it’s a good idea for you to build a strong strategy about stealing the blinds from the middle and the late positions. In another article we’d explain you how to do this.


Information and the lack of information – you must understand it well


Because of the pace of the game and the fact that you’re switching from a table to a table, it becomes even more difficult to take notes on your opponents and remember their styles. That’s why you must always pay attention and try to remember the tendencies which you can see in every regular player there is.


These are three of the tips about fastforward poker on partypoker we prepared for you. This is a part of our casino player development strategies. We wish you good luck, pals – crush them!

Poker terms you must know before start playing (pt. 2)

Poker terms you must know before start playing (pt. 2)

Poker terms you must know before start playing (pt. 2)

Poker is a really huge game and there are many new terms you can learn every day. This terminology is something which might be useful for you while playing because it could give you some valuable information in the process of the game. In this article, part of our casino games rules and strategies, we will present you some of the most important terms you must know.




Cranberry is a poker player who calls against the pot-odds.


Gutshot Straight


Gutshot Straight is when we have a straight filled “inside”. Imagine that you have 9s-8s, then the flop comes 7c-5h-2d and the turn is the 6c – well, congratulations – you made the gutshot straight.




B&M literally stands for “brick and mortar” – this is a cardroom which has a real physical location. This is a poker being played live, not online. Old school.


No Limit


No Limit is a situation when players have the opportunity to bet as much as they actually like on any round.


Dead Card


We have a “dead card” when we have a card which is not legally playable.


Bluff Catcher


How about catching some bluffing? A bluff catcher is when we have a hand which can be won only if you call the player who was bluffing.




That’s pretty simple. We have ducks when we just have a pair of twos.


ABC Poker


This is when we are playing poker which is “by the book”. In other words – this the style of playing when it’s really straightforward and excludes any fancy play. If you’re playing an ABC poker though, you risk to be easily read as a predictable player by the other.


These are some of the poker terms you must know in order to improve your knowledge. In our casino games rules and strategies guides we will offer you many more, so stay tuned.

Five of the biggest wins in the history of blackjack

Five of the biggest wins in the history of blackjack



Hate it or love it, but blackjack is arguably one of the biggest and most famed card games in the world. In every casino you enter you will find people who just love to play it. Today in our casino blackjack strategy chart we will present you five of the biggest blackjack wins in the history of the game.


74 000 pounds won by a man in Glasgow


In 2017 a man in the Scottish capital Glasgow took home 74 000 pounds. He was playing Ace King Suited Blackjack and he won the jackpot of the casino when he was dealt a natural blackjack with a suited ace and king.


When Alice Walker won 500 000 dollars


The World Series of Blackjack (WSOB) was a competition created by the TV cable channel GSN. It was a great show, because people had the chance to watch some great blackjack games on their TV’s. During one of the last screens of the show Alice Walker won one of its biggest prizes – half a million of dollars.


When the shoeless man won enough to buy all the shoes he won


Maybe you’ve heard the history of the shoeless man – a man who won 1.5 million dollars when he entered the casino with literally no shoes on his feet. It’s believed that he was banished from his house by his wife or something like that. The bad news is that he lost everything later, but he’s still a legendary case.


The amazing run of Don Johnson


The CEO of Herritage Development Don Johnson had an amazing run from December 2010 to April 2011 when he managed to win more than 15 millions euro from his visits to the casino. It’s still considered the biggest win in history of blackjack.


The lucky taxi driver


The taxi driver Goksel Selay has a pretty cool history. One night he just decided to switch from roulette to blackjack and it turned out to be a great decision. Selay went home with 132 000 dollars. Later he said that he had some kind of a dream in the night before which said to him to switch to blackjack.


These are some of biggest blackjack wins in history. For even more intriguing content like this keep up with our casino blackjack strategy chart.

These are five of the oldest casinos in the world you must visit

These are five of the oldest casinos in the world you must visit

We all know that gambling exist from many, many years. Created to entertain the people, gambling turned to be a multi billion industry. Nowdays you can find casinos everywhere, you can even place your bets online. But if you’re a true fan of gambling, then you should visit the oldest casinos on Earth. Here are five of them, introduced to you in our casino roulette game strategy to win.

The Golden Gate Casino

Today we are calling Las Vegas the gambling capital of the world. But which is the first casino built in this majestic city in the Nevada desert? Located in the central area of Las Vegas, this is the Golden Gate Casino. In 1905 a man called John F. Miller purchased the property and built the casino for just one year.

Casino de Monte Carlo

If you’re looking for an European city where gambling is regarded highly and you can have a lot of fun, this is Monaco’s Monte Carlo. The Casino de Monte Carlo is built in 1856, when Princess Caroline comes with the idea of building a casino in the city. Her idea was that this would help Monaco to avoid bankruptcy. Because when there’s gambling, there’s money, right? One of the casino’s investors was the future Pope Leo XIII.

Kurhaus of Baden-Baden


The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden is also a pretty old casino, being built in 1834. It’s a whole complex for resting, which consists of casino, spa resort and conference. You’re getting impressed even from the main entrance, when you are seeing some beautiful Corinthian columns in the neo-classical architecture. When France decides to ban gambling, this complex becomes very popular.

Casino de Spa


The Casino de Spa in Belgium is regarded as one of the oldest casinos on the planet. Bult in 1763, its beautiful bulding is getting almost destroyed during the World War I. After the war ends, the building is restored. During the 80s it’s completely renovated.

Casino di Venezia


When we talk about really, really old casinos, we can’t forget about the Casino de Venezia in the beautiful Italian city ot Venezia. Believe it or not, it’s more than 380 years old. Built during the 17th century, this casino is the proof that people were always fascinating by the art of gambling. What makes it even more fun is the fact that the best way to approach it is by gondola or the so called water taxi.

These are five of the oldest casinos in the world which still exist today. In our casino roulette game strategy to win we advice you to visit all of them, if you’re really a big fan of gambling.

These are some of the most eco-friendly casinos in the world

These are some of the most eco-friendly casinos in the world



Ecology is becoming a very important topic lately. It can’t be any other way when we’ve polluted the Earth so much, it’s starting to put our whole existense under a question. That’s the reason why young climate activists like Greta Thunberg are becoming so famous. But which are the most eco-friendly casinos in the world? Let’s check them out. Remember that there you can still find slots you can win real money at.


The Venetian Macao


The Venetian Macao is not just a very beautiful casino, but also a casino which cares about the environment. Now you can find there parking lots with electric cars, while in same time they are reducing the food waste a lot.


MGM Resorts


The MGM Resorts are also trying to make some important measures, trying to keep the environment. For example, last year they announced that they are going to eliminate the plastic straws out of their franchise. Maybe you know that the plastic is one of the biggest reasons for the pollution of the planet.


Resorts World Sentosa


In Singapore they are starting to get more and more open to keeping the planet clean. This is the reason why at the Resorts World Sentosa the plastic is also a forbidden thing now.


Mandalay Bay Resorts


At the Mandalay Bay Resorts they are donating their linen to the NSPCA /Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals/, while they also deactivating some of their heating systems in certain times. That’s how you do it.


Caesar’s Entertainment


Caesar are working closely with the non-profit organization Clean the World. Since 2010 they have donated more than two million bars of soap to people in across 100 countries. They are keeping a very strict policy about the waste in their facilities.


These are some of the most eco-friendly casinos in the world. Just because they are eco-friendly, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find there slots you can win real money at. It’s just better for the Earth.

The Hollandish roulette strategy – a quick explanation

The Hollandish roulette strategy – a quick explanation



The Hollandish strategy is one of the many roulette strategies you can use in the casino. Today we are going to talk about this strategy in our perfect roulette strategy, trying to explain it to you. It’s really not that complicated, we can assure you.


The Hollandish strategy uses a progression which is fairly simple. Let’s assume that you’re starting with a £1 bet.


The progression goes like this: 1 – 3 – 5 – 7 – 9 – 11 and so on, progressing up with two more every next time.


But if you’ve started with £2, then the progression would be a little bit different. It’d go up with four every next time and it’d look like this:


2 – 6 – 10 – 14 – 18 – 22 and so on. You probably get the idea already – you’re doubling the amount of money you’re going to start with.


But here’s an important thing which makes the Hollandish different than a strategy like the Martingale. Here you’re not working out your way through the progressions like this. What you do is to have three bets during each stage of the progression. When you are in plus, then you’re winning and you go back to the start.


Why many people prefer the Hollandish strategy?


One of the Hollandish’s biggest advantages is the fact that you’ve a pretty slow progression, which means that it requires more time in order of the bets to get too big.


What about the downsides?


Just like almost any other roulette strategy, you’d have a problem if you start losing too many consecutive bets. Then your next bets will become very risky and you will have some major diffculties in order to be in a profitable position again. Plus, many people consider the Hollandish to be too slow for their own taste.


That’s our explanation of the Hollandish roulette strategy which we provide you via our perfect roulette strategy article for today. In case you consider trying this system, we wish you good luck.

The FOBT roulette system – is it worthy?  

The FOBT roulette system – is it worthy?



FOBT are the so called Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, which are getting really popular in the United Kingdom nowdays. Most of the high-street bookmakers are putting these in their stores, because people like them. But is it worthy to spend your money and time on the FOBT? Let’s talk about it during our best roulette betting strategy article for today.


All of the major bookies like William Hill, Paddy Power or Ladbrokes are using the FOBT like a way to increase their profits. In 2016 it was calculated that there are around 35,000 of these machines in the United Kingdom. Now they might be even more.


When it comes to the game of roulette, FOBT are no different than anything else. There you would find pretty much the same rules, odds and payouts. That’s the reason why we can’t offer you strategy, designed specially for the FOBT.


We’ve noticed that many people think that the FOBT works in way which is similar to the fruit machines, where the chance of hitting the jackpot increases with the amount of money you’re putting in the machine. You must know that the FOBT roulette system does not work like this – it doesn’t matter how much money you spend with them, the odds will remain the same.


Another question we get asked a lot is about the possibility of cheating when using the FOBT system. We’re sorry to inform you that there ain’t no legal ways to cheat the system. Online you can find a lot of ridiculous theories about cheating the FOBT, but you must know that most of them are a complete bullshit.


Are the FOBT machines rigged? You’d find statements like this on the internet as well. You should not worry about this. The FOBT machines are regulated by the gambling commission of the United Kingdom, so everything is fine with them.


In conclusion in our best roulette betting strategy we could say that it’s probably a better idea to play online than using the FOBT system. But if you want to try these machines, then go and have fun.

Casino bonuses and why many people actually avoid them

Casino bonuses and why many people actually avoid them



We get it – when you hear the word “bonus”, you just start chasing it. After all, bonuses are a good thing, right? But not always. Today during our best casino bonus strategy we are going to discuss why so many people actually avoid getting bonuses, when it comes to the world of gambling.


In the beginning everything looks just perfect. You register yourself at the online casino and they offer you a tempting 100% bonus. This means that if you deposit £150, you’re going to get another £150 transfered to your account. Great, right?


But there ain’t no thing like free lunch.


There’s always a catch. In this occasion, the catch is called “wagering requirements”.


This means that in order to recieve your bonus, you have to wager a much bigger sum in the casino. For example: you recieve £150 from the casino as a bonus, but they say to you that you must wager at least £2500 before cashing it out.


Now it doesn’t look as much tempting as before, right?


When you recieve the bonus, you can’t possibly withdraw it before wagering the amount of money they want.


Here’s important to remind you that the game of roulette usually doesn’t count when it comes to wagering money for your active bonus. That’s a real bummer, especially if roulette is the main game you play in the casino.


Most of the casinos consider the roulette too easy to wager, which is the reason why they actually don’t include it among the games you can play in order to complete the bonus.


The most easiest way to avoid bonuses is simply to refuse them when you register at the online casino. The truth is that a lot of people are actually losing their money as they try to complete their bonus requirements.


That’s what we had to say about best casino bonuses in our casino bonus hunting strategy for today. Be aware of the dangers when it comes to this.

Top 10 movies about poker – part 1

Top 10 movies about poker – part 1

Top 10 movies about poker – part 1



There are some really great movies about poker, which you have to see. Today we are going to discuss five of them, which we consider a true classic. We highly advice you to give them a shot, because they are simply amazing. And who knows? Maybe they will help you to build your best online poker strategy.




Rounders is a movie from 1998, directed by John Dahl. You can see Matt Damon, Edward Norton and John Malkovic in the roles. This is a story about a gambler, who decides to return to playing in order to help his friend.




This is a pretty great gambling movie with the great Mel Gibson in the main role. It lets you follow the story of Bret Maverick, who tries to secure some money in order to enter a big poker tournament.


The Cincinnati Kid


What’s better than a poker movie with the legendary Steve McQueen in the leading role? The Cincinnati Kid tells you the story of a up-and-coming poker players, who tries to prove his skills against the best.


Casino Royale


It’s another James Bond adventure, but having the poker game as an important part of the story. You will see Agent 007 entering a dangerous game of poker at the Casino Royale. The stakes are going to be higher than you can imagine.


The Grand


Directed by Zak Penn, this movie from 2007 includes the great Woody Harrelson in the main role. In this nice improvisational comedy you’ll follow some talented actors who play characters competing in a poker tournament. Be ready to have a good laugh at it.


These are five of the best poker movies you can watch right now. Watch them carefully and maybe some of them will help you create your best online poker strategy.

The Most Annoying People You Can Find at the Blackjack Table

The Most Annoying People You Can Find at the Blackjack Table

The Most Annoying People You Can Find at the Blackjack Table



Playing blackack at the blackjack table could be really fun. You are around many different people in the casino, you can chat with them, enjoy your drinks and have a good time. But sometimes you can bump into some really annoying people, who can really ruin your experience. Let’s talk about them a little bit more in our casino blackjack best strategy chart for today.


The guy who always criticize


Whatever you do at the table, this guy will never stop criticizing you. It seems that he always knows better than everyone else in the casino and he just never shuts his mouth. You try to ignore these people as much as you can, but sometimes it’s very difficult thing to do.


The server who is just never around


This situation really sucks – you’re at the blackjack table and you want another drink, but it seems that the server has vanished somewhere. But when you lose all your money and you don’t need him anymore, he’ll show himself in a minute.


The superstitious one


This is the guy who is extra superstitious. These are the people who believe in some really crazy stuff and who often blame you for their own failures. Everything you do at the table is wrong, according to them. Just because they think the stars somehow dictate what’s going to happen with the cards.


The newbie guy


Well, let’s be honest – we all have been this guy. The truth is newbies can be really irritating. We guess they just don’t understand that they can’t ask the dealer or the other players for everything that happens at the table. You have to be patient with them, though.


The guy who chats all of the time


These are the people who just never shut up at the table. Even if you don’t want to talk to them, they will just never stop talking to you. You try to ignore them as much as possible, but sometimes it’s a lost cause.


These are some of the most irritating people at the blackjack table we can think of. We hope you had fun with our casino blackjack best strategy chart article for today.