The FOBT roulette system – is it worthy?  

The FOBT roulette system – is it worthy?



FOBT are the so called Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, which are getting really popular in the United Kingdom nowdays. Most of the high-street bookmakers are putting these in their stores, because people like them. But is it worthy to spend your money and time on the FOBT? Let’s talk about it during our best roulette betting strategy article for today.


All of the major bookies like William Hill, Paddy Power or Ladbrokes are using the FOBT like a way to increase their profits. In 2016 it was calculated that there are around 35,000 of these machines in the United Kingdom. Now they might be even more.


When it comes to the game of roulette, FOBT are no different than anything else. There you would find pretty much the same rules, odds and payouts. That’s the reason why we can’t offer you strategy, designed specially for the FOBT.


We’ve noticed that many people think that the FOBT works in way which is similar to the fruit machines, where the chance of hitting the jackpot increases with the amount of money you’re putting in the machine. You must know that the FOBT roulette system does not work like this – it doesn’t matter how much money you spend with them, the odds will remain the same.


Another question we get asked a lot is about the possibility of cheating when using the FOBT system. We’re sorry to inform you that there ain’t no legal ways to cheat the system. Online you can find a lot of ridiculous theories about cheating the FOBT, but you must know that most of them are a complete bullshit.


Are the FOBT machines rigged? You’d find statements like this on the internet as well. You should not worry about this. The FOBT machines are regulated by the gambling commission of the United Kingdom, so everything is fine with them.


In conclusion in our best roulette betting strategy we could say that it’s probably a better idea to play online than using the FOBT system. But if you want to try these machines, then go and have fun.