The Hollandish roulette strategy – a quick explanation

The Hollandish roulette strategy – a quick explanation



The Hollandish strategy is one of the many roulette strategies you can use in the casino. Today we are going to talk about this strategy in our perfect roulette strategy, trying to explain it to you. It’s really not that complicated, we can assure you.


The Hollandish strategy uses a progression which is fairly simple. Let’s assume that you’re starting with a £1 bet.


The progression goes like this: 1 – 3 – 5 – 7 – 9 – 11 and so on, progressing up with two more every next time.


But if you’ve started with £2, then the progression would be a little bit different. It’d go up with four every next time and it’d look like this:


2 – 6 – 10 – 14 – 18 – 22 and so on. You probably get the idea already – you’re doubling the amount of money you’re going to start with.


But here’s an important thing which makes the Hollandish different than a strategy like the Martingale. Here you’re not working out your way through the progressions like this. What you do is to have three bets during each stage of the progression. When you are in plus, then you’re winning and you go back to the start.


Why many people prefer the Hollandish strategy?


One of the Hollandish’s biggest advantages is the fact that you’ve a pretty slow progression, which means that it requires more time in order of the bets to get too big.


What about the downsides?


Just like almost any other roulette strategy, you’d have a problem if you start losing too many consecutive bets. Then your next bets will become very risky and you will have some major diffculties in order to be in a profitable position again. Plus, many people consider the Hollandish to be too slow for their own taste.


That’s our explanation of the Hollandish roulette strategy which we provide you via our perfect roulette strategy article for today. In case you consider trying this system, we wish you good luck.