These are five of the oldest casinos in the world you must visit

These are five of the oldest casinos in the world you must visit

We all know that gambling exist from many, many years. Created to entertain the people, gambling turned to be a multi billion industry. Nowdays you can find casinos everywhere, you can even place your bets online. But if you’re a true fan of gambling, then you should visit the oldest casinos on Earth. Here are five of them, introduced to you in our casino roulette game strategy to win.

The Golden Gate Casino

Today we are calling Las Vegas the gambling capital of the world. But which is the first casino built in this majestic city in the Nevada desert? Located in the central area of Las Vegas, this is the Golden Gate Casino. In 1905 a man called John F. Miller purchased the property and built the casino for just one year.

Casino de Monte Carlo

If you’re looking for an European city where gambling is regarded highly and you can have a lot of fun, this is Monaco’s Monte Carlo. The Casino de Monte Carlo is built in 1856, when Princess Caroline comes with the idea of building a casino in the city. Her idea was that this would help Monaco to avoid bankruptcy. Because when there’s gambling, there’s money, right? One of the casino’s investors was the future Pope Leo XIII.

Kurhaus of Baden-Baden


The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden is also a pretty old casino, being built in 1834. It’s a whole complex for resting, which consists of casino, spa resort and conference. You’re getting impressed even from the main entrance, when you are seeing some beautiful Corinthian columns in the neo-classical architecture. When France decides to ban gambling, this complex becomes very popular.

Casino de Spa


The Casino de Spa in Belgium is regarded as one of the oldest casinos on the planet. Bult in 1763, its beautiful bulding is getting almost destroyed during the World War I. After the war ends, the building is restored. During the 80s it’s completely renovated.

Casino di Venezia


When we talk about really, really old casinos, we can’t forget about the Casino de Venezia in the beautiful Italian city ot Venezia. Believe it or not, it’s more than 380 years old. Built during the 17th century, this casino is the proof that people were always fascinating by the art of gambling. What makes it even more fun is the fact that the best way to approach it is by gondola or the so called water taxi.

These are five of the oldest casinos in the world which still exist today. In our casino roulette game strategy to win we advice you to visit all of them, if you’re really a big fan of gambling.