These are some of the most eco-friendly casinos in the world

These are some of the most eco-friendly casinos in the world



Ecology is becoming a very important topic lately. It can’t be any other way when we’ve polluted the Earth so much, it’s starting to put our whole existense under a question. That’s the reason why young climate activists like Greta Thunberg are becoming so famous. But which are the most eco-friendly casinos in the world? Let’s check them out. Remember that there you can still find slots you can win real money at.


The Venetian Macao


The Venetian Macao is not just a very beautiful casino, but also a casino which cares about the environment. Now you can find there parking lots with electric cars, while in same time they are reducing the food waste a lot.


MGM Resorts


The MGM Resorts are also trying to make some important measures, trying to keep the environment. For example, last year they announced that they are going to eliminate the plastic straws out of their franchise. Maybe you know that the plastic is one of the biggest reasons for the pollution of the planet.


Resorts World Sentosa


In Singapore they are starting to get more and more open to keeping the planet clean. This is the reason why at the Resorts World Sentosa the plastic is also a forbidden thing now.


Mandalay Bay Resorts


At the Mandalay Bay Resorts they are donating their linen to the NSPCA /Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals/, while they also deactivating some of their heating systems in certain times. That’s how you do it.


Caesar’s Entertainment


Caesar are working closely with the non-profit organization Clean the World. Since 2010 they have donated more than two million bars of soap to people in across 100 countries. They are keeping a very strict policy about the waste in their facilities.


These are some of the most eco-friendly casinos in the world. Just because they are eco-friendly, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find there slots you can win real money at. It’s just better for the Earth.